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  • Amina Aitsi-Selmi

Are you overworked but "underemployed"? Time to break out!

Do you feel like you’re working hard but spinning your wheels? Or that the tasks you’re carrying out day-in and day-out are meaningless, boring or frustrating?

It might be time to step back and get out of the engrenage of the “busy-bee” mentality.

You know what it’s like…You’re caught in a cycle of doing the things you “have to” do before you can get to the thing you really want to do.

You’ll get to the thing you really want after you’ve done all the other things you “have to” do like have enough money, status or security of some kind.

This mentality is not serving you (although it is serving someone, somewhere…probably someone with more money and power than you. And that isn’t right).

But deep inside, you have an inkling that there may be more to life.

You know that you feel a deep satisfaction in helping others (whilst also enabling yourself to be fulfilled and truly successful in work, finances and relationships).

Fulfilment comes from learning and giving (and receiving back).

For clarity, let’s just define a couple of terms to break down the “busy bee” mentality and differentiate between “overworked” and “underemployed”:

1) Overworked = busy bee, no time/feeling of pressure and urgency, drained, stressed, feeling of lack of control, possibly emptiness and frustration. You may have rescuer tendencies trying to fix everything and everyone. (See the video below on “10 signs you may be a rescuer” from a past Wise Wednesdays)

2) Underemployed = not working to your full capability; not doing meaningful work that brings you joy, helps others and pays you well.

The sad thing is being both at the same time. You’re “busy”/overworked whilst being underemployed. A tragedy, really.

If that’s your experience, I feel for you…I remember being part of that system and it really shouldn’t be that way.

My commitment to the workforce revolution that’s upon us is to declare out loud and clear that it does NOT have to be that way.

I know that suggesting that being paid to do work you love and be at ease rather than stressed is countercultural; but my job isn’t to toe the party line, have a pity party or indulge in fatalistic cynicism.

No, people.

There is plenty of work to do that is meaningful and pays well.

But…’s probably not in your current comfort zone.

You’ll have to dig deeper than what you’re used to in order to find that spark of creativity and courage that will change everything.

I want to show you how to do that; how to break out of what’s holding you back (the fears, the doubts, the anxiety that self-proliferate and lead to procrastination) and connect with your deepest capabilities.

I want to show you how to articulate your talents and gifts into a concrete proposition that has social value and pays you well.

But I need one thing from you:

Take 100% responsibility for everything you say and do and harness your focus.

Isn’t it worth the effort?...

What would it be like to live from a deeper sense of strength and possibility building steadily towards something you really care about whilst feeling fulfilled along the way?

Amina | Create your world

p.s. Want more space to create the career and life you love and waste less time in conflict and disagreements at work? Join me for the next free 60min webinar on Dealing with Difficult People when you have no choice: Sign up here:

Date: 12th of September, 6.30pm UK / 1.30pm EST / 10.30am PST.

Next Leaders Circle at Harley Street

27th of September, 6.30pm: Leaders Circle at Harley Street (2 hours): Ticket details to follow. Dealing with Difficult People – Key Principles and Practices. We’ll dig deeper into the material shared on the webinar.

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