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  • Amina Aitsi-Selmi

Inspiration from a London Plane tree [Wise Wednesdays]

This week, I just want to share the beauty of a tree on a spring day with you.


Because nature reveals the answers to your biggest questions even when you’re feeling uncertain.

What’s a question you’re grappling with right now?

Write it down.

London’s Plane trees have existed for hundreds of years. Their origin is unclear and mysterious. They’re thought to be the descendant of an american and an asian tree that mixed in Spain and the hybrid found its way to Britain. So the London Plane is kind of global-local. Like many of us.

No one knows exactly how long a London Plane tree lives because, while some are hundreds of years old, none have died of old age…They have all been cut down to build the city.

They represented 60% of London’s trees a 100 years ago, but only 4% now. 

The tree in this photo lives right in the centre of London. It’s about 200 years old. But some are 400 years old.

Imagine being this tree - having seen so much over the past 200 years and not knowing how much longer you have on this planet. You are this tree; magnificent, wise, and vulnerable at the same time.

What is truly important to you? 

What do you really want to prioritise today? 

What or who can you appreciate more deeply and give more attention to?

[Photo: One of London's oldest trees. Plane Tree planted around 1790. Russell Square.]

Sitting quietly, doing nothing, spring comes and the grass grows,

by itself. - Matsuo Basho

I’ve heard a tree tell me to ‘take it easy’, a big beach rock remind me ‘you are strong’, and a melting glacier reawaken a deep love for life.

Trust nature to awaken the voice within and answer your deepest questions.

And if you have no nature around you right now, trust you. Connect to your breath. YOU are nature.

What can you hear in the depth of your being? What’s the answer you’ve been looking for?

Have a great week,


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