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Hi, I'm Amina
(my name means trustworthy)

21st Century Careers are a Path to Liberation

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I would recommend Amina in a heartbeat. She’s kind but firm, compassionate and practical. In short, everything you would ever want in a coach. Amina will help you rediscover inspiration.
- Dr Chris van Tulleken. Doctor, Author and BAFTA winning BBC TV presenter

My passion is to guide you to liberate yourself as I've liberated myself so you can feel free and at peace while fulfilling your true potential.

Hello, I'm Dr. Amina.

Most people know me as the doctor who went from delivering babies in a war zone to working on UN policy and then leaving it all in 2016 to explore new horizons. 


In 2016, I created my own coaching and advisory practice, replaced my full time doctor's income and have spent 1500+ hours serving 150+ talented professionals and visionary leaders like you, who are committed to creating the career, life and impact they truly want.

I bring extensive skills from my former career and combine a solid background in medicine, science, and psychosocial theory, together with mindfulness, liberational psychology and nonviolent communication to catalyse your career transformation journey effectively. 

If you'd value learning from real-life experience, hard-won self-awareness and a scientifically rigorous approach (avoiding mistakes I've made trying to create a meaningful career and better world), this could be the coaching process for you.

UK Business Book Awards

Winner, 2021

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Top 50 UK Women in Management, Education and Coaching, Winner, 2024

Systemic lens. Scientific mind. Spiritual depth. 

The alternative to conventional career and leadership coaching for high achievers who want to move beyond climbing the ladder and fulfil their destiny as gamechangers.

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Medical Qualifications

  • Medical Degree, Cambridge University (MBBChir)

  • Master's of Arts, Cambridge University (MA)

  • Master's of Science in Public Health, LSHTM (MSc PH)

  • Doctorate in Epidemiology and Statistics, UCL (PhD)


My career transformation story...


In my mid-thirties, although I loved my work and had a great life, I realised that I didn't know how to relax...I had accidentally become a relentless warrior in a relentless system. Leaving my native Algeria when young due to civil war had something to do with both my successes and my challenges...

I knew that I wanted more freedom, more impact and a deeper sense of connection to myself, others and the world. I didn't want to live on a hamster wheel and miss my life. (See this article on what to do if you're a doctor who is starting to hate the job you used to love.)

I did the inner-work and outer-work of liberation to transform my life, keeping the best parts, developing new ones and leaving what no longer served the bigger vision I was holding. Today, the sprouted seeds of that vision are what you see.

It's over a decade since I started this journey and here's what I learned: you'll be most powerful when you wake up to the deeper truth within you, work on your blindspots and take action you've never taken before. But you can only go so far on your own. Eventually, a time comes to work with a guide.

I will help you reveal, powerful aspects of yourself, walk with you in a new direction, and coach you through the tough spots.



If you feel resonance with my story and approach and want to do the inner- and outer work, I reserve a few spots each month for Exploratory Coaching Conversations, and you can apply for one below.


Get started today

  • Book your Career Clarity Call and complete the Clarity Assessment


  • Get on the call and get your personalised roadmap


  • Start your journey alone or together for 6-12 months



Becoming more powerful means learning to relax into the present.

Billionaire. Scholar. Celebrity. Monastic. Everyone we meet is a mirror of deeper aspects of who we are.

 My passion is to guide you to unlock your potential and play your unique notes in the great symphony of life.

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