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Hello, I'm Amina 

Have you ever wondered what on earth you're supposed to do next with your career or life? Most people know me as the doctor who went from delivering babies in a warzone to working on UN policy and then leaving it all to explore new horizons. 

(See here for a Wise Wednesdays video on Why Becoming Nobody Was the Best Thing that Happened to Me).

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Qualifications & training

Medical Qualifications

  • Medical Degree, Cambridge University (MBBChir)

  • Master's of Arts, Cambridge University (MA)

  • Master's of Science in Public Health, LSHTM (MSc PH)

  • Doctorate in Epidemiology and Statistics, UCL (PhD)


A passion for global health

While sitting in a lecture at Medical School at Cambridge University, I realised that I wanted to work on the bigger picture of health. I got my clinical experience in the UK, Switzerland and South Sudan (with Medecins sans Frontieres) before starting the highly competitive training as an Academic Public Health Physician in London. This involved a Master's at LSHTM and PhD at UCL with Professor Sir Michael Marmot funded by a research grant I successfully applied for from the Wellcome Trust. I eventually found myself speaking and advising on UN global policy at the intersection of health, climate change and sustainable development in specialist roles with the UK government, Chatham House and UCL.

Here are a few papers I wrote at the time:

World Economic Forum article

The Conversation articles

Academic papers

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Rebirth as trusted advisor to change makers, coach to high achievers and award-winning author.

Today, I serve high achievers who feel stuck and are ready to relax, reclaim their power and/or make their bigger impact as a leader. My clients include doctors and directors in large organisations who are working on global challenges like climate change, mental health and conflict and are leading in the massive ecological transition we're facing.


In 2020, I published the award-winning book The Success Trap: Why Good People Stay in Jobs They Don't Like and How to Break Free. In 2022, I founded The Sanctuary a group for leaders who want to deepen their presence, stand in their power and expand possibilities. My vision is of a world where we have evolved our levels of consciousness sufficiently to live in greater harmony with each other and the planet.


One of the great gifts in my life has been to connect deeply with so many different people whether they're a mission-driven billionaire, a service professional or a monastic.

I've learned that we all share the same core and have a unique essence that manifests powerfully when we are present.

 You're here to play your unique notes in the great symphony of life 

Start your transformation today by completing the in depth coaching questionnaire when you book an
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Learning to relax, be present and live from a deeper sense of connection to self, others and nature.

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