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Relax, Reclaim Your Power and Rise into Your Leadership.

4-month transformational group coaching process (Max. 10 spaces)

Do you want to make a bigger impact but something always gets in the way?

  • You have a track record of success and have broken glass ceilings.

  • You've superseded the accomplishments of previous generations in your family.

  • You've established a level of material security and a professional reputation.

As a result, you've become the go-to person to get things done and you're constantly busy...

  • You do more than your fair share for the team (your bosses know they can count on you...although you might feel uninspired by them...)

  • You feel overworked and underappreciated (or too appreciated!)

  • You're split between too many responsibilities

  • It's hard to carve out the time and energy to take action on your bigger vision or honour your personal needs. (You may even have become a little risk averse...)

Perhaps you look around your environment and notice that:

  • people meet but are not really present with each other.

  • people talk but don’t really communicate.

  • people think but get lost in their thoughts and emotions.

  • people take a break but don’t disconnect from the incessant impulse to do stuff.

  • people negotiate but don’t really take in new perspectives.

  • people give but they forget to receive (or receive and forget to give).

In any case, you've tried to shift things for yourself and been on great leadership or coaching programmes. But something just isn't giving. You know it's time for a deeper change. You want a nurturing and clarifying space to support a radical shift...


Welcome to The Sanctuary!

Join a 10-person group of successful leaders and professionals co-creating a space to take a step back, dive deeper and unleash their true power to create the world they want to live in. They're ready to fully embody their Transformational Leadership.

Members of previous groups include:

  • a professor of medicine and chief in a large hospital

  • a vice president in a well-known digital company

  • the head of communications in a global bank

  • a senior physician and president of a national professional body

  • the public health advisor for a famous humanitarian agency

Others include diverse service-driven directors in management consulting and finance, leadership coaches and emerging leaders in healthcare, the law and government.

From Success Trap to Sanctuary

The Success Trap: when your past or current success gets in the way of your future success.

If you feel stuck in a loop, it's time to step back, give yourself space and see what is getting in the way internally and strategise better externally.


For professionals, it's often time to shift from an EMPLOYEE-EXPERT mindset (the Knowledgeable Servant) to an ENTREPRENEUR-LEADER mindset (the Wise Sovereign) and let go of limiting beliefs about success.


With this shift, you break free of the Success Trap and create a Transformational Sanctuary, embodying its meaning internally and creating it externally for yourself and others in whatever form is unique to you.

Change starts with first taking space for YOU  - creating Sanctuary for yourself.


Ula Caroto,

Co-Founder, Alibaba

Life felt like an uphill struggle with self-doubt and perfectionism constantly weighing me down. Amina's exceptional ability to help me slow down, be present and address root patterns enabled me to accelerate my journey. I have more confidence, energy and time for my passions - I even started playing bass guitar!

The top 4 challenges of the Entrepreneur-Leader:

  • Loneliness/aloneness

  • Lack of guidance

  • Lack of structure

  • Uncertainty 

The fear of failure and its cousin Imposter Syndrome (perfectionism, self-doubt, self-criticism) can take root, quietly. Out of nowhere, old patterns can pull you back. For women, blocks around visibility and money can also unnecessarily get in the way of progress in their careers or business.

When it all gets too much and you're stuck, it's time to step back, recentre and work on limiting beliefs, so you can grow exponentially, embody powerful presence and get traction on what's truly important to you. This is what The Sanctuary offers.

Power starts with self-leadership. 



Leadership team, Doctors of the World, UK.

Amina helped me step up and take on a leadership role where imposter syndrome would have held me back. 

3 Simple Principles For Transformation

  •  PRESENCE  Relaxing into your calm, still core no matter what (your inner-Sanctuary). Imperturbable like a mountain.

  •  POWER  - Releasing limiting beliefs, trusting your intuition and connecting to the life force within you - no matter what. Ardent like a volcano.

  •  POSSIBILITY  - Responding to opportunities and taking courageous, consistent action on your chosen PASSION PROJECT for the 4-months - no matter what. Flowing like a great river.

Immerse yourself in the power of the group to support you and be challenged and supported by deep coaching that will transform your mindset.

Ready to go on a 4-month journey to recentre, reclaim your power and make your greater impact?

Complete this questionnaire.

(Spaces are limited to a maximum of 10 people)



Organisational Specialist and Coach, HSBC

Trust your intuition. If you're drawn to this programme, go for it. Amina is highly competent, very professional, and able to create a unique space. I am very experienced in working with coaches and am trained as one myself - and I have seldomly experienced such respectful and effective work

What makes the Sanctuary Different?

Research by McKinsey and others shows that the majority of leadership coaching programmes fail and that's because they focus too much on information and 'training'. What's effective is a focus on transformation not information. With 54% of (women) leaders burning out, new models of leadership (and leadership coaching) are needed. The Sanctuary offers:

  • A rare combination of deep personal transformation + real-world leadership strategies, using evidence-based cognitive and somatic coaching tools.

  • Enriching dialogue at the intersection of individual experience and global systemic challenges of the 21st century.

  • Highly knowledgeable coach with a background as a doctor, academic and UN policy advisor who has been on a journey of radical change and successfully guided others in both 1:1 and group settings since 2016.

  • Intimate, curated group of service-driven changemakers who will become your personal Board of Advisors and Sanctuary Councillors.

Over the course of 4 months in The Sanctuary, you'll experience what it's like to be challenged and supported more than you ever have before.


Dr Olaa Mohamed-Ahmed,

Consultant in Public Health.

My time in the group has been nothing short of life-changing. I joined with some specific skills I wanted to achieve and quickly found so much more - purpose, vision and most importantly, joy. Amina is a phenomenal coach. She selected a wonderful group, and supported, counselled and guided us throughout.

What you'll accomplish in your 4-months in The Sanctuary:


  • Embed essential self-care - guilt free! Design your unique blend of foundational self-care (diet, sleep, exercise, and reflective time) + personal extras (nature, music, dance, creative writing, etc.)

  • Embody powerful presence. Make an impact simply by being in the room and let go of patterns of self-effacement or stressful conflict. Influence effortlessly. 


  • Develop a new relationship to uncertainty, Transform your perception of the unknown, enjoy the new possibilities and harness the opportunities like an entrepreneur. Shift from an Employee-Expert mindset (Knowledgeable Servant) to an Entrepreneur-Leader mindset (Wise Sovereign).​

  • Identify and break through core limiting beliefs Get to the heart of what really holds you back, sabotages your progress or causes overwhelm. Start enjoying more ease and flow in all aspects of your work and life.


  • Clarify your vision and design a simple strategy for a passion project. Whether you're working within an organisation or setting up a new business, you'll clarify your vision and strategy, and then take simple, effective action that moves the needle where you have been stuck.​

  • Channel your energy sustainably. Learn to discern what is and isn't the right opportunity for you, avoid energy drains and make decisions more quickly.

Screenshot 2022-11-05 at 17_48_39.jpg

Dance Your Way To Your True Global Impact.


Banker-turned-Lecturer and Transformational Career Coach

I honestly experienced the best ten minutes of coaching of my life. Amina got to the root of a belief I held about myself, This made solving the challenges I had in the weeks to come so much easier. Amina guides, doesn’t push. Her method works precisely because it’s not about tips and tricks or rigid goal-setting.

Group therapy

How the live 4-month group coaching process works: 

The Sanctuary is a cross between a monastery and a bootcamp for the conscious leaders of today and tomorrow who are passionate about solving global challenges. It's a space where they come together to take a step back, renew their vision and support each other in courageous action. It will help you incubate and birth your vision. Be willing to show up fully and engage and the process will do the rest.

​Every call, you'll bring your unique situation and be supported to explore, develop and apply the 3 principles of transformation (above) and move through the six stages of the transformation cycle to realise your specific Passion Project:


The practice of presence. Deepen your ability to find your ground, release anxiety and emanate calm authority (First, let go).


  1. Two-hour live calls every two weeks (these will be on Wednesdays, 6pm UK)

  2. Direct coaching + Q&A + crowdsourcing in small groups

  3. The opportunity to add monthly 1:1 check ins if you want to go deeper ​​

  4. Peer-advisory between the main calls for accountability, to share wins and challenges and explore collaborations.

  5. Replays of all calls + copies of tools and reflective contemplations and somatic practices.


Early investor pre-calls Starting in November and December to help you take off. Join today to start your journey.

Ready to commit to yourself and bring your highest leadership to the global conversation?

Complete this questionnaire. (Spaces are limited to 10 people)


Eleni Lialiamou.

VP, Digital Products.

"Go for it! It's certainly the greatest gift I gave myself over the past 10 years. I believe it has made the greatest impact in my career. My daily life has changed. I am doing less yet what seemed impossible is happening effortlessly. 

YOUR INVESTMENT: The best investments are property and personal development 

  What you get by joining today  

1) Coaching for 4 months valued at £4,400 (changing your career and life trajectory = priceless!)

2) A curated and facilitated mastermind 

3) The mental health benefits of a great retreat

4) Private monthly 1:1 check-in (optional extra)***

5) Recordings and personalised practices and tools 

6) BONUS: Early investor pre-calls (Nov and Dec - dates in FAQ)

 Your investment today: £2,500  

*** Feeling inspired and want more 1:1 input? Add monthly 1:1 Executive Coaching. These 60 minute 1:1 calls will focus entirely on you. They are suitable if you want to go deeper into your limiting beliefs, explore questions in more depth and have more support to develop the strategy for your passion project. In short, they will further catalyse your process if you are feeling in momentum. But they are not necessary for the programme. (Your total investment: £3,750 (Early Investor price).



Product specialist and doctor-in-training

​I was facing one of the biggest decisions of my life. Amina helped me to leave my corporate job and  successfully apply for medical school in my forties! Her approach, tools and presence allow for amazing things to happen

25012001Amina Aurore125_square.jpeg

I'm Amina

Im a cross between Tony Robbins and a Buddhist nun: deeply  ' spiritual ' , highly rational with a good dose of humour and some style.

Over a 15-year career as a doctor, scientist and population health specialist, I've worked in hospitals, a war zone, a pandemic and with the United Nations. Since 2016, Ive run my own coaching and consulting business working with talented professionals and leaders who want to create an inspiring career and live with more confidence and ease while making a difference. They include doctors, directors in finance and services working on global challenges like sustainability and ESG.

In 2020, published an Award-Winning book called The Success Trap: Why Good People Stay in Jobs They Don't Like and How to Break Free. My bigger vision is to help more people reconnect to their deeper selves, live fulfling lives and make their highest contribution to the world. I've had a deep meditation practice for years and invested significantly in my personal development working with the best in the field. If you want to learn from my journey, avoid the mistakes I made and are committed to growing your impact sustainably while contributing your own wisdom to the group, this is the coaching process for you.

Join me on this unique, expansive 4-month journey to embrace
your extraordinary possibilities & make your authentic impact in the world.

(Spaces are limited to 10 to keep the group small and intimate)
Complete the guestionnaire and have a call with me.

  • Resigned from an unfulfilling corporate role and successfully applied to medical school after 40
  • Got promoted on their own terms to work part-time and better care for their health and family
  • Created more work-life balance despite big leadership responsibilities
  • Left a corporate role to create their own independent coaching practice and their first big client
  • Moved country and navigated a complex personal and professional to start a new exciting leadership role

For more information email

Posts 3.jpg
When do we start and how often do we meet?

We start officially on January 18th and then every two weeks (Feb 1st; Feb 15th; Mar 1st; Mar 15th; Mar 29th, Apr 12th, Apr 26th). The Bonus pre-calls are on November 30th and December 21st. All calls are at 6pm UK/1pm EST.

How many people will be in the group?

A maximum of 10 participants.

Can I reclaim the fee from my organisation?

Other members have put this towards their career development and leadership training and reclaimed it from their employers or company expenses. You can receive proof of payment and attendance on request.

Will there be a lot of homework?

This isn't about doing more but being more deeply as well as small, bold but fun experiments outside your comfort zone. Any coaching assignments will be based on what comes out of the conversations we have and that you choose to take on.

What do I need to know in advance and do I need previous coaching experience?

Previous experience in personal development or mindfulness is helpful but all you need is to be open to new experiences and ways of looking at things.

If I miss a group call, will I be able to catch up?

Yes, you’ll have access to recordings and you can have any questions answered in between calls by email. You'll have direct contact with me throughout the programme. I've got your back! 

How much time will I need outside the set calls?

You get what you put in. Change requires an investment of time and energy. You'll need 15-30 minutes a day of reflection time (e.g. through journalling or meditation).

Taking time to participate in the group between calls will pay off exponentially. And taking action in a new direction can take no time at all - just a moment of courage!

Will I get 1:1 coaching too?

You'll get a chance for direct coaching in the group calls. You also have access to monthly 1:1 private coaching as an option. If you sign up in November, you'll also have the Bonus Pre-Calls with me on November 30th and December 21st.

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