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Are you ready to create your career and life more consciously?

The Coaching I offer will take you on a journey to deepen your PRESENCE, amplify your POWER and play with new, exciting POSSIBILITIES. Coaching is an art and science that helps you discover your hidden dreams, face your secret fears and then go and co-create what you truly want to see in the world.

Dr. Arup Paul, COO CMO AXA PPP

With this powerful coaching process you will:

  1. Relax and reduce stress through learn simple and effective tools to make space for yourself including any challenging experiences.​

  2. Reconnect with what's important to clarify your deeper vision for your career and life and identify specific goals that inspire you ​

  3. Reflect to identify areas of growth and reveal blind spots and limiting beliefs that are holding you back​

  4. Release what no longer serves you to shift your mindset from struggle to flow and from an employee-expert to entrepreneur-leader (you'll identify your own metaphors for transformation)​

  5. Respond with effective action and design an elegant strategy so you know what you need to do every morning. Use an action plan that energises you rather than drains you​. You'll develop new decision-making and influencing skills through playful assignments and practices that propel you onto a new trajectory

  6. Receive what is truly yours in this lifetime by developing unshakeable trust in your unique flow and path.


In a short space of time Amina  helped improve my ability to air difficult opinions and provide feedback- improving my perception of ‘control’ at work. I increased in confidence.  I was also embarrassed to ask for help. However, Amina’s ability to create a safe space and give clear/ direct feedback to my own thoughts has been hugely positive for me.


​Coaching unfolds through both profound and gradual insights that lead to new actions. When repeated over time this leads to long-term change. This process is not always linear but occurs in Creative Cycles of Change (which you can read more about in the book chapter here). As you participate in the coaching process your world will change in surprising ways. 

Take your first step by completing the coaching questionnaire when you book an Exploratory Coaching Conversation.


Eleni, VP Digital Marketing

 Amina helped me move to a global company in an exciting new role after feeling stuck. I also got two big passion projects off the ground - the Kimolian Academy and Anthea Retreats. I feel energised, inspired and in flow again. What seemed impossible is happening effortlessly.


Results other clients have achieved:

- Transformed their career by leaving highly successful jobs in large organisations and created their independent consulting or coaching businesses working with prestigious and service-oriented clients like the WHO or governments on sustainable food policy.

- Succeeded at interviews for dream jobs, been promoted or amplified their leadership including creating success for their organisation with less stress and more joy

- Repaired relationship breakdowns with family and colleagues by rebalancing how they invest their energy and time and .

- Reduced work pressure by streamlining their portfolio of businesses as entrepreneurs and created new deals including high profile million dollar contracts.

- Resolved career crises by improving boundaries, prioritising physical and mental wellbeing including unprecedented weight loss, dropping alcohol consumption, alleviating anxiety, better sleep.

- Navigated organisational politics and successfully negotiated new roles or job sharing for better work-life balance within or beyond the organisation.

- Transitioned from a corporate role to medicine OR from medicine to location independent, private practice and coaching that allows for travel, family time and fun!


The format

Coaching is a project focused on YOU to support you in creating what you want in your career and life. For most people who are busy, self-driven individuals the following format works:

  1. Location-independent, virtual 60-minute coaching sessions every two weeks 

  2. Reflective and practical assignments to work on between sessions.

  3. Virtually unlimited access to support by email and short calls between sessions                               

  4. Reading recommendations, tools and resources that are evidence-informed and awareness-based

Dina and Amina.png

Enjoy your coaching session wherever you are.


Your investment

Coaching is an investment of your time, energy and resources in yourself. It can feel strange or extravagant to invest in support for yourself, as we live in a culture that idolises lone superheroes and values material goods rather than self-care, reflection and presence.

Happily, coaching is a carbon neutral investment and contributes to a mentally healthy and thriving society. It's one of the best Returns on Investment you can make and is increasingly recognised by leaders and progressive organisations.

Your investment in this coaching process ranges from £2,400 to 11,700 depending on which option you choose. We'll clarify which might be best for you in the Exploratory Coaching Conversation.

Consider these 3 excellent ways we can work together *:


[Option 1] Redefine Success:  1 day breakthrough intensive to define the future you never imagined possible in your career, business and life. Go beyond cultural expectations of work and lifestyle and contribute to societal evolution through the work you're truly called to do. This includes strategic design and powerful action on the day to realign your career or life (£2,400).

[Option 2] Upgrade Your Mindset: 6 months to dive deep into the limiting beliefs and narratives that are holding you back in work and life. Start to transform long-term situations and relationships, recover a sense of freedom and feel energised and inspired (£6,700). You're welcome to start with 3-months and review (£3,500).

[Option 3] Expand Your Impact: 12 months to take sustained action on the vision of the future that you've defined, reach momentum and radically transform your life. Learn to navigate uncertainty or complex situations with ease and take smart risks that create what you truly want for yourself and others. It includes two months off for rest and integration in August and December (£11,700).

* Sometimes, I will create a different format to suit your needs. If you have questions about this, please, get in touch.

Questions? Get in touch here.

Take your first step by completing the coaching questionnaire when you book an Exploratory Coaching Conversation.


Why should you trust me?


Hi, I'm Amina (my name means trustworthy!)


Over a 15+ year career as a doctor, scientist and population health expert specialised in social psychology and behaviour change, I’ve worked in hospitals, delivered babies in a war zone, and advised the United Nations on Climate Change. In 2016, I created my own coaching and advisory practice, replaced my full time doctor's income and have spent 1000+ hours serving talented professionals and visionary leaders like you, who are committed to creating the career, life and impact they truly want. The journey is not always easy but it's worth it.


Who am I to help you? First, I've been there. I know what it's like to be lost and confused on the path to authentic success. Accepting confusion is the first step to breaking through to the next level of achievement and fulfilment with integrity. I've been through this process so many times, personally and through guiding clients, that I know the transformational process like the back of my hand. Second, working with me, you'll have a double doctor on your success team. I've trained with some of the best coaches in the world to offer you world-class coaching. Third, what most of my clients appreciate is the depth of presence I help them embody as a result of my own years of deep meditation practice combined with rational pragmatism.

For more on my journey and qualifications see the About me page.


If you'd value learning from real-life experience, hard-won self-awareness and a scientifically rigorous approach (avoiding mistakes I've made trying to create a meaningful career and better world), this could be the coaching process for you.

I was working so fast I had no time to consolidate my ideas. Amina helped me create time to reflect on my plans and make value-based decisions and a clearer vision of my future. Eventually, I realised I could "just do it!' and reduced my work week by a day to finally focus on my book and new plans.

Laura Marshall-Andrews_edited.jpg

Laura, GP Partner at Award Winning medical practice

Take your first step now.

Complete the coaching questionnaire when you book an Exploratory Coaching Conversation.

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