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Liberation and Career Transformation for High Achievers and Gamechangers 

Because you're not here to climb the ladder. You're here to change the game.

The people I work with want to experience:


  • Less existential dread about work

  • More energy towards new possibilities to imagine and actualise

  • Effective strategies for circumventing toxic systems and people invested in them

  • True self-mastery and sustainability (beyond reframes and positive thinking)

  • Less inner-conflict, less self-doubt and less turmoil 

  • More clarity, inspiration and energy to get things done

Do you have a track record of success and feel there is something more? You are definitely in the right place if most or all of these apply to you:

  1. You have a bias for action and are known as someone who gets things done. You've overcome great odds and succeeded

  2. You’re the person who knows what needs to be done before others

  3. You see connections and patterns that others don’t. You can simplify complexity

  4. You have a strong connection to a sense of something bigger and see past the small issues

  5. You’re the person people turn to for leadership and guidance

  6. You have an international background, a global outlook or both

  7. You've gone further than previous generations in your family in terms of education, wealth, or status.

  8. You want to create space in your life to reflect on your priorities, values and vision for the next phase of your career and life

  9. You want more presence and depth in your relationships with loved ones 

  10. You’re not afraid to ask or answer difficult questions. Honesty, Integrity and Authenticity are important to you

  11. You want to be supported and challenged by someone who won’t let you off the hook but you’re also able to take bold decisions and own them

  12. You’ve tried therapy, coaching or both and are looking for a coach who has more relevant experience and depth to support your unique experience

  13. You're ready to dig deeper inside you to create the next phase of your career and life.

Do you resonate with most or all of these statements and want a coach to support you through a deep transformation from the inside-out? Let's have an Career Clarity Call. Book here >>


Get started today

  • Book your Career Clarity Call and complete the Clarity Assessment


  • Get on the call and get your personalised roadmap


  • Start your journey alone or together for 6-12 months


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