"We are the mirror, as well as the face in it." Rumi


                          We create ourselves and the world we see...




  • You are highly analytical and have a track record of achievement (even if you doubt it yourself).

  • You may work in health; international development or sustainability.

  • You have an emerging vision for the next steps in your career and want to have positive global impact. 

  • You may be at a career transition point



Your daily dilemmas:

=> being confident in your achievements and harnessing your abilities to serve you and others best; articulating and sharing your vision;

=> implementing it under the high pressure of a competitive and /or resource-scarce environment;

=> pursuing your aspirations without losing material security; 

=> identifying and working with the right collaborators; and

=> increasing your global influence and impact.


  • You are a mission driven, values-based organisation supporting health and sustainability

  • You work with clients in the private or public sector including government and intergovernmental organisations.

  • You work on some of the world's most complex problems and have highly diverse technical staff

Your daily dilemmas

=> high potential teams that won't step into future thinking

=> synthesising evidence and compelling narratives on complex problems in health, sustainable development and disaster risk reduction/climate change adaptation

=> working across organisational and sectoral siloes.