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  • Amina Aitsi-Selmi

Should I leave my job? [Wise Wednesdays]

Whether to leave your job is a big question. And it isn’t.

Changing careers is becoming increasingly common, let alone changing jobs. Most people change careers at least twice according to recent trends.

It’s a question that used to come up a lot when I started coaching but less so recently. People seem to get in touch after they’ve already tried different types of coaching/therapy and want to dig a bit deeper and look at things in a completely different way. They’re ready to take on radical self-responsibility for their lives and their choices but aren’t sure how to start or feel uncertain because no one else seems to be on their wavelength.

But it doesn’t matter. As long as you know what wavelength you’re on, you can ignore the noise and pay attention to the signal from your intuition.

At the last Leaders Circle, one of the participants, an excellent government scientist who has always been exquisitely responsible and conscientious as a team leader and is giving herself quality attention again, mentioned a past Wise Wednesdays that helped her daughter see her career path more clearly:

In any situation you only ever have 4 choices:

  • Carry on with it

  • Change it

  • Change your attitude about it

  • Leave it.

As Eckhart Tolle says, all else is madness! I might add: all else is the product of our conditioned stories and the consequent fears which create unnecessary complexity and hold us back in confusion. Listen to the guidance from your intuition.

Your intuition is the signal. All else is noise.

Have a great week,


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