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You are more powerful than you think. 

Create the Career, Life and Impact You Want

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Unconventional Coaching for High Achievers

You are more powerful than you think




Amina is a multi-award-winning expert in career transformation, specialised in guiding high achievers and game-changers to create fulfilling careers and lives.


With expertise in medicine, science, and coaching, Amina catalyses multidimensional change for individuals and organisations navigating uncertainty and big transitions as well as power dynamics and work-life wellbeing.


She shares high-impact insights and practical tools for sustainable success through her speaking and writing.

Not to mention lack of time and energy. Whether it's a big promotion, role exit or radical reinvention, career transformation can feel overwhelming. But you only ever have 4 options to play with.

The 4 challenges of career and leadership transformation

  • Loneliness  

  • Lack of structure

  • Lack of guidance

  • Uncertainty


Business Book of the Year 

Winner -  Personal Development and Wellbeing, The Business Book Awards, 2021.

Michael Zhou,

Co-Founder, Alibaba

The Success Trap is a superb guide on how to overcome fear and embrace the entrepreneurial spirit within all of us. The principles in Amina’s book will enable you to navigate career choices, discover passions and make the impossible possible.

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Order from any major book outlet.

My clients are located both in the UK and  internationally.
They work in a range of organisations including these: 

Unconventional Coaching for High Achievers and Gamechangers

  • The truth is 'toxic people' are not going to get out of the way. But you can outmanoeuvre them.

  • Yes, you are embedded in a system of control. AND there are openings for you to fulfil your deepest potential.


  • Why? Because you're not here to climb the ladder. You're here to change the game.

Speaking and teaching
for gamechanging organisations.

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Wise Wednesdays
Weekly Missives


21st Century Careers are a Path to Liberation

Choose your liberation pathway

  • 1:1 coaching

  • Group coaching and Leaders Circle

  • Speaking

I work with a limited number of 1:1 clients in the UK and internationally. I offer group coaching once or twice a year and occasional public events.


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