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  • Amina Aitsi-Selmi

Your life is not a battlefield. Choose your way of looking at the world [Wise Wednesdays]

Last week, we explored "the space between stories" or "the mystery between manifestations" – those periods of transition that mark every change in our lives.

This week, drawing inspiration from “Deep Ecologist” Joanna Macy's book World as Lover, World as Self, here are 4 perspectives to explore as you navigate a transformational moment in your career, life or society:

#1: The World as Battlefield:

Do you see yourself as a warrior battling daily demons? While you’re fuelled by mountains of energy, you might also question the purpose of this ongoing battle. Where does it end? When does the warrior get to rest?

#2: The World as Trap:

Recognising there's something better, you accept the world as naturally disappointing and difficult. Despite occasional escapes through spiritual practice or nature, you find yourself returning to the world trap on Monday mornings.

#3: The World as Lover:

Do you sense the beauty in everything, viewing each moment as an opportunity to learn, grow, and express gratitude? It seems like life is happening for you and supporting your every step. Your positivity radiates, impacting others with warmth and love. But where has the darkness gone?...

#4: The World as Self:

Do you have a soft boundary between yourself and the world? There is no absolute positive or negative just a universal vibration. Seeing everything as a reflection of yourself and vice versa, you experience a mysterious alchemy of continuous self-knowing and self-unfolding. Is this the ultimate?...

Many people who set off on a transformational journey start on a metaphorical battlefield and then discover they are peaceful co-creators of the universe, in disguise as living and breathing humans.

Ultimately, the most profound decision you can make is whether to believe you live in a universe that is friendly, hostile or indifferent. As neuroscientist Anil Seth proposes – we live in a “controlled hallucination” generated by our beliefs and sensory input. Your way of looking at the world shapes your reality, giving rise to your experience, choices and impact.

Legend in the making: If you think that slowing down to reflect and expand your self-awareness through transformational coaching will turn you into a coocoo couch potato, think again. This year, one of my clients who moved from a corporate role to sustainability consulting and coaching in January just signed an exciting, value-aligned £200k client. She said that the most important part of our work together was breaking the relentless work rhythm and prioritising self-awareness and therefore self-care. Congratulations on committing to the journey and learning to prioritise the source of all things – the intuitive energy within!

Which world do you choose to live in? How do you choose to show up in it?

May your ‘controlled hallucinations’ benefit you and those you serve.

Have a self-aware week,


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