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  • Amina Aitsi-Selmi

Why I invite my readers to unsubscribe. [Wise Wednesdays]

Why I invite you to unsubscribe. [Wise Wednesdays]

[Update: Expand Your Impact sold out over the weekend. We're delighted with the response. If you missed it, you can join the waitlist for the next one using the link in the bio]

Thank you for being a Wise Wednesdays reader and engaging with my writing and coaching work. Your attention is the most valuable thing in this economy.

As Wise Wednesdays approaches its 8th anniversary, I feel a sense of renewal and excitement and am clearer than ever about how I can help. This follows a period of reflection and relative uncertainty during which I had to dig deeper into my vision and values, and trusting life.

This year, I plan to offer more thought-provoking events and new ways of working together to support your journey as a service-driven leader, professional or changemaker dealing with complex challenges in times of high uncertainty.

Whether I'm discussing career change, leadership mindset, relationships, communication, health, systemic issues, war or spirituality and consciousness, I'm only talking about one thing: Liberation. I call it a Coaching Ontology of Liberation based on 3 principles and 6 practices. The 3 principles are:

1) Presence: remembering who you are and what freedom tastes like at all times.

2) Power: challenging old conditioning or oppressive narratives, and operating from intuitive agency.

3) Possibility: co-creating the impossible by understanding interdependence, impermanence and non-attachment.

I am committed to walking the pathless path of liberation, embracing uncertainty and promoting and selling my work with integrity. This is also what I teach and coach on.

Relationships come for a reason, a season or a lifetime. If you no longer feel aligned with Wise Wednesdays or my work, feel free to unsubscribe. It’s important to me that you’re here because you intentionally want to, and feel supportive of my work.

Thank you for being part of Wise Wednesdays so far. I look forward to what's ahead.

Thoughts, questions and suggestions are welcome.

Have a great week,


p.s. I also invite you to subscribe and join Wise Wednesdays email community. If you resonate with a Coaching Ontology of Liberation, sign up using the box above or on the homepage.

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