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  • Amina Aitsi-Selmi

What do you really want? A few pointers to figure it out [Wise Wednesdays]

When I ask this in an initial exploratory conversation, many people aren’t sure.

It’s a simple question but loaded with cultural conditioning.

We’re socialised to know what we “should” want rather than what we really want.

So if you’ve ever felt conflicted over what you really want, it’s likely because the “should” interferes.

That’s why we’ve started the Presence Power Possibility transformation process with these key distinctions that you might like to reflect on:

[Read on or watch the video]

1. Who should you be? (according to society and family e.g. a doctor)

2. Who do you want to be? (what you tell yourself on a good day e.g. a thought leader)

3. Who are you? (the hidden or forgotten part of you that wants to (re)emerge e.g. a healer)

These questions are some of the most powerful in coaching and help raise the volume of your inner-wisdom (more pointers in the video).


Just giving yourself permission to ask the question and allowing the answers to percolate will reveal important insights for you.

They will clarify your vision and any next steps from a place of peace, contentment and flow.

As people often say in after they’ve tried it: I knew this. But now I live it.

What you want is closer than you think.

Have a great week,


p.s. If you’re working with a belief that you “should be productive” and procrastinating, you can find a few pointers that might help you design your Personal Productivity Perimeter on this Linkedin post or Instagram post.

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