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  • Amina Aitsi-Selmi

How I keep things simple and prioritise in my business [Wise Wednesdays]

A wave of creativity can bring joy but also complexity in your life.

As I sat yesterday thinking about the communications around the Leaders Circle, the next Presence Power Possibility 3-month group coaching programme (which starts soon) and a full 1:1 client roster, I wondered if I'd be able to write Wise Wednesdays this week.

My mind went to a future where I stopped writing Wise Wednesdays altogether which felt sad. And, then a new idea for a different format for Wise Wednesdays emerged which I'm excited about but would add more to my plate.

My clients hear me say this all the time: there's no such thing as time management. It's choice management.

So the real question is: what's the basis for your choices?...


We often prioritise based on urgency rather than what's important (and non-urgent i.e. long term).

But I also believe business is about relationships which require time and patience. And we intuitively know how to prioritise in relationships, right? It's something like:

#1: Family and friends

#2: Colleagues

#3: Acquaintances

Hierocles gave us a nice map of our circles of empathy revived more recently in Dunbar's anthropological research.

I find that this works for prioritising communication and projects in my business.


These are 3 key areas that any business, entrepreneurial career or inspired leader needs to keep nurturing in order to make a sustainable impact.

#1: People I'm in a committed relationship with i.e. my wonderful clients! (coaching, creating resources for them)

#2: People I'm in an exploratory relationship with - i.e. inspiring people interested in working with me (having exploratory coaching conversations)

#3: People where there's potential for a future relationship i.e. people I haven't met yet who appreciate my work in the beautiful world at large (connecting through writing, speaking and collaborations)

And that simplifies things for me. I know what takes priority AND I know exactly what I need to be doing every day to grow.


If you work for an organisation, you could develop your own system. For example, your boss and team's set projects might take priority over new collaborations within and outside your organisation. But you need to balance committed, exploratory and potential relationship activities to keep growing yourself and keep your possibilities open.

It can feel like a juggling act sometimes.

Last week, I had a coaching conversation with an Executive Coach in Silicon Valley who specialises in supporting women. She reached out to see if I could help her articulate her deeper vision for her work. She wants to expand her mission. This means she has to keep an eye on her current clients' needs while exploring new ideas through research. It's so easy to get excited about the new possibilities, get side-tracked through a love of learning and forget your #1. It's equally easy to be held back by fear of losing status or money and neglect #2.

The most important relationship of all, of course, is the one with your SELF. So always start your day with that. Then prioritise activities by your circles of empathy and see what happens.

Have a great week,


p.s. Want to redefine your career and embrace business and leadership as forces for good? Join a group of deep-thinking, mission-driven professionals where you'll be challenged and supported directly by me. You can:

1) Join this month's Leaders Circle (registration closes at noon UK today)

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3) Sharing is caring :)

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