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  • Amina Aitsi-Selmi

How I’ll be breaking free in 2023 [Wise Wednesdays]

I wasn’t born into royalty but sometimes life gives you a big seat at the table.

Happy December!

If you’re

spending some time reflecting in this period, reflect on 2 things: what’s calling you forward and what’s holding you back. Or: what you want and what you want *to let go of*.


Because the 2 go hand in hand. What you want is on the other side of something that it’s time to let

go of (like an old fear or belief).

To use philosopher Erich Fromm’s framing, you have two freedoms:

1. The freedom *to* dream, imagine and create – this freedom usually feels exciting

2. The freedom *from* limiting patterns, beliefs and conditioning – this freedom usually feels scary.

Reflecting on 2022 has reaffirmed that this is an ongoing process.

So my purpose continues to be: liberating others as I liberate myself.

Here are 8 things I’m (still) committed to breaking free of now and for the foreseeable future:

1. To break free of scarcity and practise flow

2. To break free of apathy and practise vision

3. To break free of opinions and practise wisdom

4. To break free of judgement and practise curiosity

5. To break free of separation and practise connection

6. To break free of attachment and practise generosity

7. To break free of mental noise and practise presence

8. To break free of limiting beliefs and practise possibility

We’ll be in a practice of Reflecting and Releasing at The Sanctuary tonight. Perhaps you’ll join us next year? In the meantime, why not create your own sanctuary over this period and think about the future that’s calling yo

u and what it’s time to let go of from the past.

With thanks to the wisdom traditions, teachers, peers and communities (including you Wise Wednesdays friend) who help shape the path as it unfolds. The riverbanks of my life are rich and fertile.

Wise Wednesdays will be back after a short retreat.

Wishing you a wonderful season of Presence, Power and Possibility! Amina p.s. Here's the Reclaim Your Power Sefl-Coaching Guide. Thanks to everyone who volunteered to pre-read it and help finalise it.

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