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  • Amina Aitsi-Selmi

The real reason you’re short on time [Wise Wednesdays]

Approximately 100% of people I speak to are short on time. Work, business, partner, kids, health, friends, family, hobbies, travel, volunteering, etc. Most people think they just have to do better at managing their time. The truth is: there’s no such thing as time management. It’s choice management. Also known as prioritisation. From that perspective, the reason you’ve got too many things to do is because you’ve chosen to do too many things! You haven’t committed fully to your priorities. Doubt and overwhelm feed off each other The people who tend to work with me have a singular vision – they want more freedom doing something they love that helps others and to be remunerated for it. That’s their priority. Sometimes they get off track and we work to find out what’s going on. It’s usually some form of doubt or an old habit of restlessness. The cycle looks something like this: you doubt your own judgment and worry that you might make the wrong decision, so you take on too much to hedge your bets. Then because you’ve taken on too much, you’re overwhelmed and can’t see the wood for the trees. Suddenly, you don’t have time to step back and prioritise. And so the hamster wheel goes. But are you a hamster? The problem with modern slavery Physical slavery is visible. Psychological slavery less so. The psychological prison of toxic work culture is invisible. We see some of the effects (stress, fear, overwhelm, depression, burnout, anxiety, emptiness) but we can’t see the bars and the shackles – the narratives that feed doubt and fear. You have to look inside your own mind:

  • Where has doubt or fear crept in and driven you to take on more than you can?

  • Where is your environment reinforcing that?

  • Where do you need to get real and put some serious boundaries in place?

“100% is easy. 99% is hard” (The 100% rule) There’s a reason the most successful people say “no” to almost everything.

  • First, they’re asked to do a lot of things by a lot of people.

  • Second, they know there’s a cap on how many things they can give quality attention to.

  • Third, they have a guiding vision and they’re 100% committed to it.

Ask Warren Buffett. Sure you can get somewhere by firing on all cylinders – but is that sustainable? And a singular vision is a marathon not a sprint. So if you haven’t made a decision as to what’s most important to you and committed 100%, it’s only a matter of time before a story about how you could be doing something else creeps in. You’ll also feel that you’re not fulfilling your potential. Why? Because you’re 99% committed. 100% commitment is where things fall into place and your heart sings. You don’t have to be committed to saving the world or making a billion. You can be 100% committed to self-care, relationships, or living peacefully. And of course, you can always commit to a new vision. To your freedom and success, Amina

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