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  • Amina Aitsi-Selmi

It’s dark in here… [the change process]

I work with some of the world’s most incredible doctors and high performing professionals. The courage in the challenges they take; and their effectiveness of execution are awesome.

Legend in the making: Dr C is a star in her organisation and on track to become one of its few women leaders. She signed up to work with me after a short call and wanted to ensure she built freedom and balance into this next phase of her life and reconfigured her career accordingly. In less than six months, she learned to reclaim her time from a highly demanding job, invested in a new home and created a long term passion project that could offer financial freedom. She also secured an exciting and more autonomous role as a deputy Chief Medical Officer with the UN Peacekeeping Mission. Congratulations, Dr C!!!

Your dreams are closer than you think.

Of course, there are scary moments along the way to your goals. You’re not sure where you’re going and might panic. If you don’t have support, it can feel pretty confusing.

In fact, you’re most likely to give up the closer you get to your dreams (remember the emotional cycle of change?)

It’s the space between stories when the old world is collapsing and the new world hasn’t materialised yet.

Nobody likes the space between stories.

It’s dark, it’s lonely, it’s vast and limitless. It can feel empty and meaningless.

[ See video for 5 signs you’re in the dark cave of change ]

As poet TS Eliot wrote: “In order to arrive at what you are not, you must go through the way in which you are not”.

Yet this space is also where the miracles come from. Where your greatest strength, courage and new self can be born. The best ideas and insights appear in this space.

I was reminded of this during the weekend. I volunteered to be on the Source Team for a coaching intensive event for 150 professionals and high performers from all over the world looking to transform their work and lives.

The basic process of transformation repeats itself as we grow and mature:

clear the noise, sit in the stillness and allow the vision-dream to unfold through you.

When you operate this way you will:

  • find greater clarity and confidence – you focus on the right things

  • feel that your actions are efficient and effective – your energy is invested wisely

  • experience better interactions – people sense the clarity and confidence in you and you have more space for them;

  • start to see change that seemed impossible – yes!

  • feel greater peace and fulfilment – the journey was the gift…

Unlike many other performance coaches, I’m less invested in the external outcomes of my clients. The results always come. What I care about is in supporting them in the personal development work that leads them to the career and life path of highest fulfilment for them.

If you do the personal work necessary, the space between stories; the dark cave; will no longer seem so inconvenient. It will become part of your extraordinary life journey.

Have a good week,

Amina Reinventing careers · transforming lives · changing the world.

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