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  • Amina Aitsi-Selmi

When they tell you it can’t be done

When I wanted to do medicine, they said it was a hard path for a woman

When I wanted to study social anthropology for a year they said it was a cop out for a scientist

When I wanted to go to Cuba for my elective, they said why not Harvard?

When I wanted to do Public Health they said surgery was more glamorous

When I wanted to go to South Sudan on a humanitarian mission, they said it will stop your career progress.

When I applied for a quarter mil of medical funding for ‘developing country’ public health research, they said it's never been done (I got it done)

When I wanted to lead an international team in a collaborative way, they said you should focus on the budget.

When I said I wanted to take time out and do something different, (well, I kept that quiet because I knew what they would say…)

When I started sharing a message, they said you should have a marketing strategy.

When I focused on serving one person at a time in my business, they said you should scale.

When I said a movement is growing, they said you should set up a franchise.

When I used quiet time to do my best work, they said why don’t you hustle and grind!

Whenever I've done something I've loved and succeeded at, there were opposing voices.

Don't let them stop you.

Don't make their doubts your own.

Hear them. Consider them. Then make your own way.

Your intuition will always serve you well.

It’s the only way to ultimate success in life.


p.s. The Leaders Circle will be back soon.

[Photo: Medecins Sans Frontieres, South Sudan, 2006-2007]

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