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  • Amina Aitsi-Selmi

My one-word summary of 2022 [Wise Wednesdays]

It’s coming to that little turning point in the calendar. In the first half of the year, my energy felt sluggish. My actions seemed rudderless. The quality of my thinking dropped. Was it long-Covid? Or working with too many clients and groups as the business grew? Or was it pandemic fatigue and the millions of changes? The war?... I’m still not sure. There are too many factors and unknowns to model. Thankfully, I had enough awareness to find the right support, work with a transformational coach and let go of old attachments that were ripe for release. I was ready to shed another layer of past experiences, beliefs and behaviours and recalibrate. This territory, I know. One thing I learned more about is how power and powerlessness FEEL to me. Powerlessness feels like hiding or avoidance and being cut off from the flow of life. Everything seems out of reach. Living seems purposeless. The synchronicities dry up. On the other hand, power feels like being able to face anything and being in the flow of life. Being life itself. (Have you noticed that power also seems to be what society has been grappling with – Who gets to decide how we work and why? Who gets to use our planet’s finite resources and determine our global trajectory?) So my one-word summary for this year: Power. The power to choose how I live and work. The power to love with boundaries and care. The power to meet any moment with equanimity. The power to determine how I relate to what happens to me. The power to experience life through expanding love and wisdom. The power to play my own notes in the great symphony of the universe. I lost it then I found it again. Or rather it found me when I let go. One day in meditation, 3 steps appeared - my very own prescription from the universe:

  1. Stay sane

  2. Re-energise

  3. Re-strategise

It was a map. More detail followed which I won’t go into now. But the journey included changes to my coaching and business, an intense retreat and dancing to hip hop! But it’s not the map itself that matters, it’s the ability to hear your own, wise inner-voice and follow through on its guidance. I believe that’s the ultimate definition of Power. It’s a combination of two things:

  1. The power to do stuff = action (the external facet of your power)

  2. The power to see stuff = insight (the internal facet of your power)

Both are needed to create a fulfilling career and life in harmony with the universe. Our culture is heavily biased towards activity without insight which easily leads to a sense of purposelessness and burnout. So to recover from a loss of power (or to amplify it), I believe that deepening your insight by working with a Transformational Coach or guide (with good self-care) will usually give you the highest return on your investment of time, energy and money. I don’t believe in new year’s resolutions or dry discipline. But I do believe in consistency. Power will continue to be my theme word as we go into 2023, alongside Presence and Possibility. What’s your theme word? Have a great week, Amina p.s. I’m putting the finishing touches to a short guide called Beyond Confident. It shows you how to spot any disempowering patterns that are accidentally affecting your work or relationships and start turning them around immediately. If you’d like to be among the first to read it and give your feedback, send me a message with Power 2023 in the subject line and I’ll send you a copy. If you’ve requested it already, it will be coming to you in time for Christmas!

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