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  • Amina Aitsi-Selmi

Is this the #1 global crisis?…[Wise Wednesdays]

Back to keyboard creativity after a radical reset and enthusiastically typing out some new ideas into pixels for you. Last month I shared what I think is the biggest global problem. Whether it’s climate change, obesity, mental health or war (things I’ve worked on as a public health physician), the root could well be this… If I had to pick just one global problem to solve instantly, it would be the crisis of Presence. Here's why. People meet but they are not really present with each other. People talk but they don’t really communicate. People think but they get lost in their thoughts and emotions. People take a break but they don’t disconnect from the incessant impulse to do stuff. People negotiate but they don’t really take in new perspectives. People give but they forget to receive (or receive and forget to give). This leads to a sense of separation, isolation and stuckness where there could be connection, insight and innovation that would go a long way towards solving any challenge. Having just completed a silent retreat and noticed the impact on my energy, goodwill and clarity of thought, I'm more convinced than ever (in fact, I think I may have to expand my coaching offers asap! TBC). My reactivity is lower while my willingness to help through creative solutions is replenished. I believe that if we started addressing the crisis of Presence (not just on the meditation cushion or yoga mat but in the real world) as a public health emergency, other complex, apparently insolvable problems would start to diminish. I’m not the first one to say these things, of course. Philosopher Blaise Pascal put it unequivocally as: “All of humanity's problems stem from man's inability to sit quietly in a room alone.” Grounding in presence is also the basis of most spiritual practices. Then one has to wonder: is it a coincidence that a crisis of spirituality and meaning grows as we hurtle obliviously towards planetary destruction?... Let's not sleepwalk into it. Have a good week, Amina p.s. As you may know…we’ll be gathering at the online Leaders Circle on the 1st day of September to dive into what it’s like to have business meetings that are generative rather than constrictive or destructive. Meetings can be the death or the birth of innovation and goodwill. Join us for this deep dive by getting your ticket below. Places are limited to 12 to maintain meaningful connection. Nearly half are booked. Get your ticket here >>

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