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  • Amina Aitsi-Selmi

Is it ever too late to do a PhD?

[Is it ever too late to do a PhD?] Someone asked me this month. To answer the question, I invited my old friend and now Professor David Stuckler of Bocconi University. (Hint: He has a PhD student who is in her 80s.)

We discuss how to figure out whether doing a PhD later in life is right for you.

David and I met while I was doing my PhD as a doctor many moons ago and have both transformed our careers in different ways with coaching as a common thread.

3:00: What happened to David after he dropped out of a Harvard tenure track position.

4:09: The right and wrong reasons to do a PhD

8:05: Is a PhD a good way to take time out from the career treadmill?

9:35: Where to start if you’re thinking of doing a PhD later in life and what to look for in a PhD programme.

12:12: 3 PhD skills that can give you an advantage in your career outside academia.

13.48: Things you can do during a PhD to ensure a smooth transition back into the workforce

17:46: Is it ever too late to do a PhD (hint: David has a student who is in her 80s…)

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