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  • Amina Aitsi-Selmi

How to break free of anxiety [Wise Wednesdays]

It’s an immense joy when clients start to notice people saying to them: “You seem calmer and more confident recently. What happened?”

As a doctor, I respect the value of clinical interventions and medication in treating anxiety. They have their place.

But the existential anxiety we all face, and that modern society doesn’t allow us to address adequately, seems to find release in deep, transformational coaching.

3 insights create this transformation:

- Liberation from attachment to outcomes and expectations (healing the scarcity wound)

- Liberation from resistance to change (healing the separation wound)

- Liberation from the need for control (healing the powerlessness wound)

These insights are what the Buddha and the Stoics taught (and form the basis of Liberational Coaching that transforms life from the inside out).

When we realise that life will give us the nightmare boss and delay the dream job to see what we’re made of…

When we realise that the relationship or home we cherished has come to an end because the cycle is complete…

When we realise that we are embedded in a grand symphony of the universe and that our greatest challenge is to play our unique notes in harmony with the interdependent web of existence…

...That's when existential anxiety begins to dissipate, and the vibrant essence of being alive on this planet defines our daily experience more than the fear of things not going to plan.

It’s in this state that we can step into leadership, unlock our untapped potential, cultivate fulfilling relationships, and engage in work that aligns with our deepest purpose.

Have a great week.


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