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  • Amina Aitsi-Selmi

Don’t move faster than you can feel [Wise Wednesdays]

One thing that always surprised me as a doctor and scientist was that we knew the solutions to many problems but that it took a lot of time for the solutions to trickle through society.

We know the factors behind burnout and imposter syndrome and how to alleviate them, but the numbers seem to continue rising…

Here’s a simple principle that I believe can help in their prevention:

Don’t move faster than you can feel.

[Read on or watch this week’s video]

If you’re going so fast in life that you’ve lost all connection to your body’s signals for rest and nourishment, that’s a problem.

If you’ve become numb to what it is that you want (your desires) or what you don’t want (your boundaries), you’re going to feel very confused about life and out of control.

It’s like driving a car without breaks or a steering wheel. It’s only a matter of time before it crashes.

If you’re unsure about what it is that you want in life and are just going through the motions, go back to the basics:

Can you feel your body? What are you seeing, hearing, touching? Feel the simplicity of that.

Then take it up a notch:

What are you a ‘Hell yes’ to in life?

What are you a ‘no’ to?

Don’t worry, you don’t have to make radical decisions immediately (though you might, as some Wise Wednesdays readers tell me. A moment of clarity can ignite your motivation in a flash).

But start knowing what you’re feeling. Then make adjustments to your life to remove what’s unnecessary and embrace what’s fulfilling.

Legend in the Making: Celebrating M who made a radical career shift in her forties. When she started coaching with me, she was in a corporate role in a beautiful part of Switzerland and wondered whether she was being reckless for wanting change. After our first session, where we deeply explored what she wanted and what was in the way, she resigned and embraced an entirely new path. This month, she’s just completed her first year at medical school with flying colours. She’s also bought a new home and lives closer to family and friends while supporting charities she cares about. Congratulations M, on successfully completing a massive career leap and contributing your passion and compassion to improving population health!

Tune into what you really feel and transform your life.

Have a great week,


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