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  • Amina Aitsi-Selmi

Create your own job [Wise Wednesdays (the Summer Shorts ☀️)]

3 big lessons I got from creating my own job.

If it’s any help, here’s what I learned from creating my own job in the midst of the chaos and uncertainty:

1) Uncertainty = opportunity: no explanation required here.

2) Your fulfilment depends on reversing the money-impact relationship. True fulfilment comes to those who are willing to create impact and value first, knowing that the ripple of impact will come back to them in many forms, including money and recognition.

3) Your rate of progress towards fulfilment depends on your comeback time, i.e. how long it takes you to get out of fear and back to creativity and impact. The shorter your comeback time, the more likely your energy is used in the most efficient way.

So if you’re sensing something’s off in your career situation, don’t ignore your intuition. Even if your rational mind doesn’t have all the answers, your path will be revealed if you start moving out of your comfort zone.

Are you willing to open up to the bigger picture, take a step forward and get on the hoverboard?

In an early edition of Wise Wednesdays, read the full article on my website here 👉

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