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  • Amina Aitsi-Selmi

6-question self-leadership checklist [Wise Wednesdays #356]

A quick checklist to consider...

I recently had a plumber replace a few pipes in my home. Watching him work made me realise that we often prioritise physical hygiene— showering, teeth brushing, laundry,—over our internal hygiene with beliefs, emotions, and thinking styles. This imbalance can lead to repeated patterns, difficult relationships, and unfulfilling work.

Inspired by this, I've created an 6-question self-leadership checklist based on the creative cycle of change I use in coaching. It’s designed to help you maintain good inner hygiene and boost your intentionality in creating your vision for work and life:

  1. Relax: Do you take time to relax fully, with nothing to do, nowhere to go, and no role to perform on a daily basis? (Hint: Your diary will tell you)

  2. Reflect: Do you regularly reflect on your life's direction and articulate your values, vision, needs, wants, and boundaries?

  3. Release: Do you let go of what no longer serves you, including fears, anxieties, and limiting beliefs? (Tip: The process involves grieving losses, celebrating failures (as learning and proof that you’re stepping out of your comfort zone), and appreciating the present.) 

  4. Reconnect: Do you allow space for yourself to be inspired and for new ideas to emerge? (Tip: Spend less time scrolling, working, talking, and more time alone, in nature, or in meditation)

  5. Respond: Do you preserve enough energy to take immediate and consistent action on your inspiration when it comes?

  6. Receive: Do you trust the process and know when to lean back after leaning in? (Note: Procrastination will become less of a problem if you honour your energy rhythms and creative cycles).

(Read more about the creative cycle and its pitfalls in the Free Success Trap chapter.)

Many countries are voting for their leaders this year, including in the UK tomorrow. You may not have full control over who leads your country but you have full leadership over yourself

Have a great week,


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