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  • Amina Aitsi-Selmi

Visit your angels and demons daily for emotional resilience [Wise Wednesdays]

This pandemic is really digging its claws in and ripping the fabric of our lives apart. For better or for worse we’ll all be changed by it. And it can be tough to stay centred and grounded and be your best. The environment is piling on the pressure:

  • We’re more isolated

  • We’re more sedentary

  • We’re more tech-reliant

We’re living less active lives. But social media, news and entertainment make us feel like we’re still involved in stuff…It’s designed to hook us in and exercise us emotionally. But the truth is it’s not real. Before you know it, your emotional range has shrunk and life feels repetitive and monotonous. So if you feel tired, anxious or even bored, it might be time for an emotional check in and a daily habits revamp to make sure you’re emotionally fit and equipped to continue creating and walking your unique path. Legend in the making: One of my clients had a big ‘aha’ as to what she wants to do in the next phase of her career. She works for a Global health agency and after years feeling stuck and tentatively exploring various paths, she had a breakthrough vision that she’s excited about and has shot her momentum through the roof. Ironically, she’s enjoying her current job more. Why? Because she feels lighter. She wakes up with her true purpose, her Ikigai in mind. So everything she does has meaning and she infuses her actions with the sense of purpose and passion that she’s reactivated, which sets up a virtuous cycle of positive feeling in her life. But her problem wasn’t what she originally thought before we started working together. She thought she was procrastinating because she couldn’t choose a path. But on digging deeper and challenging her to look her fears in the eye, it turns out it was something else. She was afraid of the same thing that holds us all back from fulfilling our potential…I could see her greatness and the bigger mission in her. But from experience, I know it was no use just telling her. She had to see it herself, by facing the demons standing in the way. So we went through the transformational coaching process. With small daily challenges I set her, she slayed her demons one by one and the big ‘aha’ came through. Now she’s developed a habit to spend time with her vision (her angels) but also honours her demons by acknowledging them and courageously transforming fear into energy for action. As always, a healthy, happy truly successful quality of life starts with awareness. You don’t need confidence to do this by the way. But you do need to follow though. [See this video on why you don’t need confidence to create change.]

So are you aware of your true fears (your demons) and your true aspirations (your angels)? It doesn’t take much to reconnect with the pure energy and inspiration that you truly are. Just a little visit every day. Spend some time understanding what you’re afraid of right now. Is it reaching out because you’re afraid of rejection? Letting go of something because you’re afraid of being alone? Or writing or speaking because you’re afraid of being visible? And spend some time truly listening to your inspired inner-voice – go for a walk in nature or listen to something that inspires you. Write them down and take a small step every day. When the Algerian civil war started and we were worried about what would happen, my grandmother quipped: you young ones think nothing changes…She had been through four major wars and still had a spark of joy and a mischievous mental toughness. She taught me that I couldn’t take things for granted and that it was possible to ride the waves and come out stronger and wiser. Whatever is going on right now, humanity has come through much worse. We have everything we need to pull through and we all have our part to play. Don’t let external uncertainty ever be a reason to doubt what you’re capable of. CAN YOU HELP? I’m creating new material for these challenging times and I want to make sure that it serves you in the best way. If you could give me 5 minutes of your time to complete a few questions, I would be very grateful. Click here to fill out the questionnaire Please, fill it out before the end of Friday 30th of October at midnight. Thanks in advance for your help. Stay safe, Amina p.s. If you’re considering a career leap right now and want to hear a few insights on when and how, join me for a discussion with entrepreneur Carl Reader on the topic. Details and free registration here.

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