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  • Amina Aitsi-Selmi

I didn’t go to my PhD graduation, but I couldn’t miss this. [Wise Wednesdays]

At the time of my PhD completion, I felt somewhat jaded. I'd had enough of jumping through hoops and needed something else.


But after eight years of working as a coach with little formal recognition of my work, I was starting to miss it. So I gladly accepted this unexpected award in Education and Coaching.


[Photo: Professional and Career Women Award for Leadership in Education and Coaching received during a dinner at the House of Lords with congratulations received from Prince Michael of Kent. With gratitude to Women in Management – an organisation founded in 2011 by Dr. Sulochana Segera to support and celebrate women in business and advocate for the next generation of leaders, promoting diverse and inclusive leadership].


The ceremony coincided almost exactly with the day I walked out of the government building where I worked for the last time to start an open-ended sabbatical 8 years ago. The timing feels like a wink from the universe.


This isn't to say that we need accolades and validation for our work to be meaningful. Billions of people, especially women and marginalised groups, toil and sweat with zero recognition. Does this mean their work is not meaningful? Of course not, and I dedicate the award to them.


Sitting in the House of Lords for the awards dinner, it occurred to me that the last time I was there was as a public health specialist. I was back in the same place but with a very different hat.


I only have one 'lesson' about your secret dream: Life unfolds in mysterious ways. Trust your intuition. It takes you exactly where you need to go.


Have a great week,





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