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  • Amina Aitsi-Selmi

If you had one wish...[Wise Wednesdays]

If someone offered you the opportunity to turn any wish into reality what would you choose?

A wish without action is just an idea. Your wish has a much better chance of turning into reality if you make it your priority.

Being clear on your priorities (and why they’re your priorities) is the most effective way to manage your time. It’s so easy to put too much on your plate and then not know where to start and get stuck in a procrastination!

But you’re only ever an instant away from laser like focus and clarity.

I put a question out to my online community asking:

If you could spend a whole day working with me (virtually) on one aspect of your career or life, what would you like to focus on? 1) Planning and preparing for a career leap 2) Developing your leadership skills and mindset 3) Experiencing inner-peace regardless of circumstances

While many people answered with their preference, a few people treated it like a little riddle (which it wasn’t intended to be, by the way!)

One person answered: “without obtaining inner peace, no answer to any question would really matter”. A wonderful insight.

In fact, the answers you’re looking for come from the state of mind we would call inner-peace. Inner-peace and meaningful answers go together. That applies whether you look at it from a neuroscience perspective and how the brain generates insight and creative problem solving; or through a spiritual lens.

When I coach someone, they know that they’ll be evolving in all three directions. They cultivate inner-peace through awareness. That strengthens their leadership mindset and from there, their career path is clearer and more fulfilling.

Be the genie

A transformational coaching conversation often starts in one place and ends up in another usually one or two levels deeper. Legend in the making: With Yadira, a lawyer by background working on the leadership team of an international bank supporting African development, we never talked about promotion. We explored her energy management as well as identity and shifted it from “fixer” to “creator”, the latter being her true genius. This shift led her to show up differently day-by-day. Last month, she was promoted out of operations (where she was a firefighter) to leading on business strategy and innovation which is what she truly wanted and plays to her creative genius. The external change perfectly reflects the new identity she nurtured. Congratulations, Y!!

It’s all good news:

You can relax. Trust your intuition if it’s telling you to slow down. It’s trying to guide you back to your inner-genie – the part of you that can help you manifest a new identity and make your wishes come true.

Pushing yourself through self-criticism and harshness is not a good way to go in my experience and cuts you off from your inner-genie. #HighAchieverParadox

Even if you get to your goal, you might not like the way you got there and what it cost you in health, happiness and relationships. As Maya Angelou: "Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it."

So if you prioritised one thing for a day and doing it in a way you like, what would that be?

Feel free to write back telling me what you chose.

Have a great week,


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