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  • Amina Aitsi-Selmi

I didn’t realise how stressed I was these past 10 years [Wise Wednesdays ]

Sometimes it takes a brutal wakeup call to slow down and realign your life, and sometimes it doesn’t. A few people just decide one day that enough is enough one and exit the building.

Legend in the making: I was on a coaching call with my client, Julia, last week. In the space of a few months she’s radically redesigned her life and work. When we started working together her priority was to slow down and take a break from her successful but fast-paced career.

She had already arranged to leave her job in a bold move.

As we worked together, she really walked her talk and prioritised slowing down and taking care of herself while exploring the deeper threads and possibilities of what’s next.

One thing that struck me on our call was her statement: “I didn’t realise how stressed I was for the past 10 years”. Why? Because it happened to me, too, during a sort of quarter-life crisis which I talk about in The Success Trap book (still awaiting an update from the publisher…)

Now, she’s recovered so much of her natural energy, people are flocking from across the globe to work with her as a consultant and board member who helps them think and take action outside the box. You see, Julia has a genius for connecting the dots that other people can’t even see.

This increasingly complex world needs people who can do that. It’s not that Julia doesn’t face the challenges of leadership or uncertainty, but it’s increasingly on her terms with a quality of ease, flow, and powerful presence. Congratulations, J!

These uncertain times are a catalyst for change collectively and personally. We can realign our energy with what matters most.

Remember the wisdom of the departed:

  1. Live a life true to your (deepest) self, not to other people’s current or past expectations of you

  2. Slow down, work less, take care of yourself

  3. Express how you feel more often, more deeply, and more honestly

  4. Honour human connection with yourself, with close ones, and beyond. As Mother Teresa said: “don’t draw your family circle too small”.

  5. Give yourself permission to be happy now, regardless of your goals. Then your goals are just a cherry on the cake of life.

On Thursday (tomorrow), I’ll be sharing some of my best, hard-won wisdom on energy in How to Manage Energy in Times of High Uncertainty, a 90 minute workshop. You can still join us. We have a prep call this evening at 6pm UK. I’ll also be making an announcement during the workshop.

Sign up here and see you at 6pm UK tomorrow.

Have a good week,


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