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  • Amina Aitsi-Selmi

From frozen inside to heart on fire in life[Workshop]

It was a grey afternoon in 2009. The therapist stared silently across from me as I wriggled awkwardly in the chair. I felt so vulnerable and abnormal for being there. This situation wasn’t part of the plan. How did it come to this? A mentor recommended I go for a consultation after noticing that I hadn’t taken time off for 18 months. She gently convinced me it wasn’t quite right to feel I didn’t deserve a break and couldn’t relax... After a very stilted beginning to the conversation, I told the therapist: I feel like a stone statue under my skin. I was known for being a passionate and determined woman. Energy and enthusiasm were as much of a trademark as my curly hair. But somewhere amid the endless educational achievements, professional successes, and full modern life, I’d lost my connection to something precious. My natural inner-fire was fading, and I was turning into a high performing machine. The truth is I was disconnected from my sweet spot - Ikigai - where these four things meet: your passion, your strengths, what the world needs, and what the world will support and reward you for. What could I do? Fortunately, I was about to start research and get a break from the hamster wheel. I was given 100% autonomy and told to go and “play” with ideas. I was encouraged to go deep, be curious, and let go of trying to achieve things for now...I felt dizzy and disoriented for a while! It took me a few years to really absorb that mindset. Three years were spent in intense intellectual and personal exploration. And I had a lot more space for myself. Eventually, my inner-fire started to return and I reconnected with the sweet spot of Ikigai! I made bold moves and found myself working at national and international level with the UK government and eventually the United Nations, making a contribution and having fun! But I wasn’t attached to any of it. What mattered was that I was living from the sweet spot, not the destination. Can you relate to what I’m describing? If you’ve forgotten, I’m here to remind you that your sweet spot is always available to drop into. Understanding how your energy flows and sustaining your inner-fire, is one of the keys. On Thursday, May 28th, I’m giving a free online workshop where I’ll share the principles that I’ve come to live by to sustain my energy and live in alignment with my sweet spot, while navigating the complex decisions of a 21st century career and life.

Please, note that there is no replay and only those who show up live will receive a copy of any materials. This free workshop is for you if you’re a professional or leader who wants to:

  • Create or reignite inspiration in your career and confidence in your leadership

  • Expand awareness of self-sabotaging patterns that drain your energy

  • Develop a powerful mindset and help address the greatest challenges of our time.

I look forward to seeing you there! Amina

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