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  • Amina Aitsi-Selmi

2 minutes that can change your world

This week, it’s a simple invitation:

to use the time you’d normally spend on reading Wise Wednesdays to sit quietly and breathe. Just breathe. Notice how your breath moves your body - nothing more and nothing less.

This isn’t fluffy relaxation to numb yourself and go back to the frontline. This is what’s required to decolonise the mind; free it of any negative thinking patterns and influences that drain your energy and blur your focus. This is to rewire your brain to function optimally and liberate your highest capabilities in work and life.

“Meditate for one hour a day. If you don’t have time, meditate for two hours.” Zen proverb.

Two minutes to just breathe.

Two minutes to settle the fog and brighten your mind. Two minutes to drop into a deeper way of seeing things. Two minutes to change your world by tuning into and remembering who you really are.

Here’s a short video from a previous Wise Wednesdays with a one-minute meditation for busy high achievers.

Just. Breathe.

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