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  • Amina Aitsi-Selmi

The 3 Foundations to achieve any goal

If you missed the Take a Leap webinar I did with Bryce Kennedy and are in the midst of or thinking of career change, you might find some supportive insights to help you move forward - here is the link. We’ve received good feedback for it so far. Webinar replay:

And now back to Foundations of achieving goals… When people talk about achieving goals, they often think about the actions required, the strategy, the tips that can give them a head start. In the age of AI, we also talk about “hacks” to somehow cheat the system and get what you want faster… Of course, it’s important to have a sensible plan and be informed as to what tends to work and what doesn’t based on evidence and other people’s experience (bearing in mind that there are no definite answers only probabilities). But ultimately, variation will exist in how you go about achieving a goal compared to others. That is what makes you and your path unique! Anything less and the work towards your goal feels mechanical and the achievement short-lived when you get there. More often than not when coaching people to create a career that brings them more joy, it’s less about strategy and more about one of the three foundations below:

1) Structure: This is the time and space that you carve out in your schedule to take action (in thought, emotion or deed) and for your energy to flow through (like the banks of a river). Yes, emotional processing counts as “work” towards your goals because a worthy goal will lead you outside your comfort zone and trigger a cocktail of emotions which need to be taken taken into account. This is something most people neglect, thus leading to overwhelm and confusion.

2) Energy: This is the fuel that goes into the structure you’ve created! It’s the river water. If you’re running on empty, it’s going to be difficult to get anywhere. So make sure basic self-care is in place and cut out things that drain you, as much as possible. Running on adrenaline is OK for short bursts, but don’t rely on this in the long term for obvious mental and physical health reasons.

3) Inspiration: This is time (including in solitude or nature), activities, people that help you connect to that inner-space of quiet joy. It’s where you become aware that you’re part of a bigger picture and that the forces that create the universe flow through you. In practice, brilliant ideas, courage and wisdom spark from your connection to this place or context. Everyone has a different way to connect to it and what works one day may change the next. The important thing is to make time and space for inspiration and stay in contact daily with the things that tend to inspire you.

With these foundations, your goals can grow and emerge with more ease and flow. We tend to sacrifice the 2nd and the 3rd foundation when we get stuck, thinking that more action will help when it’s more likely you need to invest more in these, so that you can resource yourself and reconnect with your creativity, hobbies and other things that enhance your energy levels and inspire you. So if you’re working towards some big goals and feel stuck, check and see if any of the three foundations are missing. If you’re in London and want to put these principles into practice but don’t want full on coaching, I invite you to join me at the next Leaders Circle: Living from your inner-fire (see below for more information), and enhance the momentum and inspiration in your work! Sign up for the priority list to receive information about the next one here => Have a great week, Amina

INVITATION to the Leaders’ Circle: Live from your inner-fire and thrive! Format: Small group intensive* with Dr Amina Aitsi-Selmi. Date: February 2018 (TBC) Venue: Harley Street, London (in a cosy space - see photo below) Who it's for: Busy diary and long list of things to do? Feel that you don’t have time to sit down and think things through to prioritise effectively? Start leading from the inside out and creating a more rewarding, balanced and powerful career this January - join me for a 2 hours Leaders’ Circle on Harley Street! During this event, you’ll gain clarity on strategic vision for your career or business, identify and address negative thinking and cultivate motivation for action. Through powerful transformational coaching techniques you will:

  • Learn the three elements that govern your decision making and how to harness them.

  • Understand common negative thinking patterns in leaders and how to address them

  • Discover what it means to step into your power and how to reflect this in your communication and have greater influence and impact

You’ll also find out how other high achievers like you have overcome the challenges that you face today to create a more authentic career and life. This is an interactive event and there will be time to answer any questions you have about your specific situation. At the end of the event, you will have a chance to ask how coaching works as an ongoing process for your success and how it can help you transform your career and leadership skills with confidence, clarity and consistency. Sign up for the priority list to receive further information:

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