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  • Amina Aitsi-Selmi

Curing cabin fever: 3 strategies

You are all heroines or heroes in your own lives. You have navigated challenging life situations and are serving the world through your talents.

Wise Wednesdays

This message is the first of the series “Wise Wednesdays”: a day to cultivate healthy heroism. “Healthy” in the sense that it is not the martyr or the saviour that drives us but the self-aware heroine or hero.

My intention for Wise Wednesdays is to share any wisdom I come across on my journey in the hope that it inspires you. Eventually, if the idea flies then I'll develop a community forum and opportunities to meet each other.

This week: cabin fever

Cabin fever:

This week’s piece of wisdom came from dealing with “cabin fever” (you know the madness that hits when you spend too much time alone e.g. in a cabin?) After the fever died down I was left with the conclusion that “some days we are lost, and some days we are found”.

Curing cabin fever:

3 strategies for curing cabin fever:

Curing cabin fever (when you feel totally confused about life because you’ve spent too much time in your own head):

1. Body: What are you doing with your body? Move and do something different

2. Language: What are you saying to yourself/others? Change the words and tone

3. Focus: What is occupying your mind? Take a deep breath and go to step 1, unless you are an experienced meditator and know how to switch your focus. I highly recommend meditation for wellbeing purposes. More on this another time.

In summary: to change your emotional state and cure cabin fever, change your:

Body :: Language :: Focus

(again and again and then some more until you feel back to normal)

I talk about the above a bit more in the 5min video below in which you get to see a bit of London greenery on an amazing Spring day.

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We all hold deep wisdom that needs to be shared, over and above the knowledge that we’ve learned.

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With peace and until next week.


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