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Change is inevitable. Progress is intentional.


If we decide to work together following the initial assessment, you can expect the following:


  • Transformational coaching helps you overcome frustrating limitations (external and internal) and set a direction of travel with the flexibility to pivot and adapt as you experience exponential results where you felt stuck previously.

  • You'll gain life changing insights from a highly effective and empowering coaching approach, as well as my 20 years of rigorous scientific training and diverse professional experience in prestigious organisations (world class hospitals, academia, government, inter-government, think tanks, humanitarian and private sector).


  • You'll learn to self-coach using a powerful combination of scientifically supported coaching tools, embodied intuition and pattern recognition, you'll be guided to find clarity and answers to your biggest challenges and achieve more than you ever thought possible, sustainably.​

  • Choose your main focus and adjust:

FOCUS 1: I want to perform at the next level without burning out.


FOCUS 2: I want to transform my career and/or develop my business or freelance work.

FOCUS 3: I want to transform my leadership style and team culture.

  • ​We meet by video call, usually every two weeks (or once a month if we've worked together before). In-person meetings are at Harley Street, London. On site presence for organisations is planned as needed.

  • You'll receive individualised support and assignments between coaching sessions. This can include accountability structures and urgent decision-making support by email or short call.

What's the investment?

Coaching is about navigating the psychological and emotional rapids of change. It's much more than a financial investment, it requires your time, energy, focus and a readiness for change. It's a 200% relationship where we both bring 100% of ourselves to get you where you want. People typically work with me for 3 to 12 months. I recommend a 3 month minimum commitment meeting twice a month. The programmes range from £2500 to £8,000 depending on the duration and intensity of our work together.

What if I don't have time to do this? 

It's normal to have concerns about how much to expect of yourself as you contemplate coaching, that's why we do an initial assessment to see whether this is the best time and way forward for you. What my clients realise as they start coaching is that there's no such thing as time management, it's choice management. Coaching helps them see their real priorities more clearly, let go of things that drain them and manage their energy effectively. As long as you practise what you learn, one step at a time, you'll start getting more done with less stress and have more time for the things that matter most to you.

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