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“Yesterday, I was clever so I wanted to change the world. Today, I am wise, so I am changing myself.” Rumi

Most people know me as...

the doctor who went from hospital medic to advisor to the United Nations and then took a career leap in a new direction; and the trusted advisor and coach to doctors, other mission-driven professionals and organisational leaders who want more freedom and purpose.



I’ve delivered babies in the midst of a war zone, treated gunshot wounds and helped a little girl with severe burns to her legs walk again. I've also led complex international collaborations in different languages including on disaster risk reduction for the UN.


I love learning and qualified in Medicine from Cambridge in 2002, completed a Master's in Public Health at LSHTM and obtained a PhD in Social Epidemiology with the Professor Sir Michael Marmot. My deep love is in exploring the question 'how you be truly free?' and the transformational work of self-discovery to make your greatest contribution.



People contact me when...

they're unsure what to do next in their career and they've tried a lot of other things. They have a sense that something else is possible for them. But they feel stuck and don't know what to do next. They doubt themselves and whether their hopes are realistic. In a world where most people seek the safety of conventional success, they see something bigger and want to be true to themselves.

Something people don’t know about me...

I had a quarter-life crisis. Amid the tall trees of success I felt alone and rudderless. I couldn’t relax because my mind was always racing ahead trying to figure everything out. This was a wake up call and how I discovered the power of coaching to transform an existential crisis into an opportunity for self-realisation. I grew up in Algeria and Yorkshire. 

I love...

my home in a quiet part of London, meaningful conversations and the occasional horse riding in the woods. My family and friends know that my biggest weakness is chocolate.

One of my favourite quotes:

There's no such thing as time management.

It's choice management.

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