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  • Amina Aitsi-Selmi

There is no later [Wise Wednesdays]

A small group of passionate women leaders meet in a candle-lit cave.

They’re tussling with the overwhelm of everyday life. So many responsibilities, so many things to do - a good number of them exciting and worthwhile.

Whether it’s democratising global leadership and expanding the role of Africa, equity-based sustainability or the de-medicalisation of psychiatry that these incredible women are working on – #leadership (of self and others) can be lonely and demanding.

What do you prioritise? What do you drop? And how do you figure out what deserves your time and energy in the first place?!...So much to do, so little time.

If you’ve been reading Wise Wednesdays or worked with me, you’ll know that I believe:

There’s no such thing as time management. It’s choice management.

You can’t create more time. You can’t even ‘manage’ time.


Because as one leader exclaimed in our cave gathering: there is no later!

2023 is a construct

Holidays are a construct

The weekend is a construct

The only real moment is NOW.

So what can you do?...

…You can make powerful choices.

What you choose now becomes the reality that you are creating.


Slow down so you can choose wisely. It’s both the most natural and hardest thing to do in our culture.

As the calendar year ends and we spend long days in darkness, we have a heightened (subconscious) sense of the finitude of time and our own eventual exit. This should invigorate us to recommit to what’s important.

Instead, if we’re not careful, the culture throws us into a frenzy of commodified rituals that do nothing to settle our nervous systems…

Well, not on my watch!

A few months ago, I had a vision to create a virtual Sanctuary for a small group of conscious leaders to slow down, reclaim their power and make their bigger impact in 2023. We meet in a virtual candle-lit cave and (re)learn to lead from Presence, Power and Possibility. It sold out early. But you can find out more about The Sanctuary and sign up for the waitlist here:

Don’t wait until 2023. Whatever you want to do, start now.

There is no later.


p.s. I have two 1:1 coaching spots starting in January 2023. If you’re ready to break free of limiting narratives, become the CEO of your career and make a bigger impact, DM me for an Exploratory Coaching Conversation.

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