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  • Amina Aitsi-Selmi

The antidote to self-doubt [Wise Wednesdays]

When you’re sitting in a circle surrounded by truth, vulnerability and courage, amazing things happen.

But what about when you’re alone.

Or when people belittle your aspirations or simply don’t understand them.

When someone (or the critical voice in your head) asks you: “Why should YOU be doing this work? Who do you think you are?”

What do you do then?

This is a common dilemma for visionary change agents.

The self-doubt can be crippling.

But you only need one, simple answer. A response that transcends old notions of legitimacy.

Because your legitimacy does not need to be sourced in any traditional notions of power.

You don’t need more credentials.

You don’t need more qualifications.

You don’t need more experience.

You don’t need more connections.

You don’t need more resources, money or wealth.

Your legitimacy is rooted in one simple response.

"I am the one who is willing."

Right now, the world needs humans who are willing to do the unconventional thing. If the Great Symphony of the Universe has planted a vision, an obsession or an inspiration within you, embrace it. Trust that your willingness to embrace it is enough. Say “yes” to it and see what happens.

At the Leaders Circle, we sat as humans engaged in combatting organisational toxicity, domestic violence, injustice in the criminal justice system, health inequality, ageism, mental health discrimination and child blindness. These missions are enormous and we focused on figuring out the one small next step together.

[Photo] Legends in the Making at the Leaders Circle: Embracing self-appreciation with colourful notebooks (I gave them with the specific instruction that they are NOT used for gratitude but for actual SELF-appreciation!)

Now, I ask you: What are you quietly obsessed with? What secrets does your inner-genius whisper?

Remember, as long as you're willing to embrace the inspired vision within, that’s all you need to begin. The path will then unfold and reveal your next step.

I’m grateful to Nonviolent Communication leader, Miki Kashtan, for this liberating insight.

Have a great week,



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