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  • Amina Aitsi-Selmi

3 ways to turn a crisis into a gift [Wise Wednesdays]

So in the space of 3 years, we’ve had to face the cost of living crisis, the energy crisis, the Covid crisis, a new war, etc. But has life always been like this? Before that, we had world wars, bloody revolutions, the plague, etc.

It had me wondering about how we relate to crises in general, and what makes something a crisis rather than part of the routine ups and downs of life or a longer-term challenge. When I practised emergency medicine, it didn’t matter what came through the door, everything was to be dealt with, from an unresponsive baby to chewing gum stuck in someone’s hair. But how did we deal with it all? You’ve guessed it. We used the science and art of Triage. This was vital when working in a warzone, especially in dealing with mass casualty events. Those were some of the most intense moments of my life.

Here's a simple system to triage life crises and use them as an opportunity to transform:

1) The Acute crisis:

If your kid has a serious accident or house is falling apart, that’s an acute crisis. You just have to cancel things and get it sorted.

[The gift is] in remembering your true power: you can press pause on non-essentials (which is most things) at any time and take decisive action.

2) The Chronic crisis:

If you keep finding yourself going back to certain types of jobs, relationships or situations that cause you anguish, that’s a form of chronic, repetitive strain injury.

[The gift is] in giving yourself permission to take a step back and think about what really matters to you, what patterns are getting in the way of embracing better jobs or relationships and courageously start to create a new trajectory.

3) The Creeping crisis:

This is the existential type of crisis that nobody really notices until it’s practically an Acute Crisis. It’s that little voice at the back of your mind or the subtle sense of something missing even though everything looks logically great on the outside.

[The gift is] in rediscovering your capacity for deeper contemplation and clarifying your deeper purpose in life, who you really are and what you’re here to do.

A cool tool: There’s no such thing as time management, it’s choice management. Have a look at my adaptation of Stephen Covey’s classic time management matrix. Hope it helps.

Legend in the making: Meet Kerrie. She’s just become the first national director of a household name, social-impact institution – Scouts (Wales). She valiantly braved the seas of change from managing the ultimate company crisis to navigating the hot waters of executive recruitment and eventually finding new shores and landing the perfect role for her. In Kerrie’s own words (shared with permission). "Before I started working with Amina I was in a pretty difficult place, burnt out, physically and mentally, after an extended period of many challenges which ended with me being asked to lead the closure of the company I worked for. I was exhausted, questioned my leadership capabilities and could not see a clear path forward. Amina's coaching and sessions with her Sanctuary Group nourished my confidence and helped me become the leader I know I am capable of being. I've just started an exciting new Director role that aligns with my values and life." It takes courage to share the vulnerability of leadership and pursuing a new path. Join me in appreciating and congratulating, Kerrie!

If you’re working through your own career and personal transformation journey and want support, now is a good time to book an exploratory coaching process for September. Whether you’re interested in personalised 1:1 Transformational Coaching or group coaching (The Sanctuary), I’m here. If you’d like more information just reply or book a time to talk here.

Remember: a crisis is a just call to clarify your true priorities in life. And most things in life are not a crisis.

Have a great week,

Amina | Presence · Power · Possibility

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