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How to avoid ‘mistakes’ [Wise Wednesdays]

The word ‘mistake’ comes from the Old Norse ‘mistaka’ which means ‘to take in error’.

Error comes from the Latin ‘to wander about’.

(My parents instilled a deep love of languages in me).

As the saying goes: to err is human.

In other words, there is no such thing as a ‘mistake’ - only a wandering…

So-called mistakes are a journey from which you learn the vital information you need to live your unique life.

Therefore, the best way to avoid ‘mistakes’ is to understand their true meaning or rather release them from the negative meaning you may have given them.

The other way is to stop living and stay small and confined, thinking that you will avoid disappointment. Perhaps this is the only true ‘mistake’.

Coaching practice: Use language to your advantage. Try replacing the word ‘decision’ with ‘experiment’ in your vocabulary and see how it affects your energy and motivation. Notice what happens to the pressure of having to make the ‘right’ decision. Give yourself permission to stop making perfect decisions and start doing experiments that you learn from.

What will your next glorious mistake/experiment be?

Example: On Sundays, I have an appointment with myself to check where I’m feeling fear. I come up with my next mistake/experiment there. I guide my clients to do the same. It’s the fastest way to get unstuck and back into flow.

Invitation: Check in to see where you might be avoiding something. A good clue is the number of excuses you’ve made for something. Look there for your next vital experiment.

To live this way is an expression of freedom.

As Gandhi said: Freedom is not worth having if it does not include the freedom to make mistakes.

Don’t be afraid. Making mistakes is your claim to freedom. A freedom and flow you can have immediately no matter what’s going on in your life.

Have a good week,


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