Supporting executives to assimilate new cultures and transition to new roles

Working with leaders in new roles whether moving to a new country or changing roles as well as integrating sustainability imperatives and changing in customer values.

Aligning corporate strategy with global trends and needs (ageing populations; sustainable development, globalisation; technological change)

Working with leaders to develop their understanding of global trends and how to incorporate them into corporate strategy and organisational culture. 


Supporting leaders to drive change

Working with clients to lead change including culture change, strategic change and alignment with wider global trends.

Improving leadership presence and influence including communicating with impact

Working with leaders to earn the right to lead, send clear and compelling messages, and have impact when they speak and influence including in high-stakes influence conversations to get ideas accepted.

Supporting healthcare, technology, science, and clinical leadership

Working with organisations to increase their resilience and ability to cope with increasing complexity, rapid change including the challenges of sustainability. Many technically-oriented professionals have deep functional knowledge and can benefit from coaching on how to be more effective leaders.

Supporting high-potential talent development adapted to the 21s Century

Working with organisations to develop high-potential managers and emerging talent to develop their leadership and achieve greater results.

Supporting women leaders to lead authentically and powerfully

Working with women leaders to overcome challenges specific to them including balancing feminine/masculine identity for greater impact, influence and satisfaction.