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Let go of what's holding you back, transform your career and finally make your true impact as a leader


Small group

Date TBC

Find out more or reserve your spot by contacting me here.


 Do you wonder, "How am I holding myself back from making the true impact I'm here to make?”


You know you have a bigger contribution to make but you're not sure how yet.


You may have started on a new path but aren't sure where to go next.


You may feel you haven't been living or working in a way that feels fully aligned with your deeper values or zone of genius.


Your old world feels constraining - like an old jacket that doesn't fit anymore. Those around you might not even understand why you want a change because everything looks great on the outside...

That's often a good sign! It means you're leaning into your edge and expanding your authenticity

You've had great successes and achieved so much. But you know it's time for something new. 

 Welcome to Presence Power Possibility


Join a 6-person group of successful leaders and professionals ready to go beyond the maze of personal development ideas, tools and techniques and dive deeper.

Recent members include a professor of medicine and chief in a large hospital, a vice president in a well known digital company, the head of communications in a global bank, a senior physician and president of a national professional body, the public health lead for a well-known humanitarian agency, management consultants, leadership coaches and emerging leaders in healthcare, the law and government.


Amina helped me step up in leadership amid uncertainty where imposter syndrome would have held me back. My confidence increased professionally and has led me to a current role in the COVID19 pandemic effort which I would never have thought I would do. Amina 's coaching method is guiding rather than directing and I feel everyone could benefit from that.

- Durga, GP and leadership team, Doctors of the World, UK.

You've read the right books, listened to the podcasts and been on the training courses. Perhaps you practise yoga or meditation. 

Now you're ready to go deeper, take inspired action and make your true impact.

A few years ago, I was on the verge of a big shift in my career and life, and told almost no one because I felt they might not understand and would interfere with my journey....I wish I'd had a programme like this, now that I understand what would have helped.


I was working so fast I had no time to consolidate my ideas. Amina helped me create time to reflect on my plans and make value-based decisions and a clearer vision of my future. Eventually, I realised I could "just do it!' and reduced my work week by a day to finally focus on my book and new plans.

- Laura, Partner at Award Winning medical practice.

The top 5 challenges of following your authentic path as a high achiever:

  • It can be lonely

  • Lack of guidance

  • Loss of structure

  • A lot of uncertainty

  • The risk of being pulled back into the old world because you've already had so much success and validation!

Who do you turn to for true understanding if you're breaking away from convention? Who guides you on a deep and meaningful level as you move in your authentic direction?


Powerful impact starts with self-leadership.

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"I would recommend Amina in a heartbeat to anyone who wants to deal with the increasing complexity of professional life. She’s kind but firm, compassionate and practical. In short, everything you would ever want in a coach."​

   - Chris, Humanitarian Doctor and BBC broadcaster

I believe in 3 simple principles to reconnect with your deeper potential and authentic path:

Research by McKinsey and others shows that the majority of leadership coaching programmes fail and that's because they focus too much on information and 'training'. What's effective is a focus on transformation not information. 


Creating a future that's aligned with who you really are requires examining and releasing limiting assumptions and beliefs that hold you back. The best way to catalyse this is through immersion in a supportive and positively challenging experiential process.

In this group, you will be guided through a simple but transformational set of practices in these 3 areas:

  • PRESENCE: Relaxing into your innate self-worth

  • POWER: Discovering and amplifying your inner-voice 

  • POSSIBILITY: Cultivating the courage to act on it consistently


This is what the Power Presence Possibility 6 month transformational programme offers

Ready to go on this unique 6 month transformational journey? Complete this questionnaire and arrange an exploratory call with Amina. 

(Spaces are limited to a maximum of 6 people)


"Go for it! It's certainly the greatest gift I gave myself over the past 10 years. I believe it has made the greatest impact in my career. I have managed to reconnect with my true values and sense of self. I can speak up, say my truth with compassion and empathy, and truly represent who I am and who I want to be. My daily life has changed, where I spend my time, how I see the world around me and how I think of myself and what I truly want to represent. I have stopped worrying which is great. I am able to envision the world full of possibilities. I am actually doing less yet I feel I am more creative and in flow compared to before. What seemed impossible is happening effortlessly. I've created a new exciting role with potential for a bigger impact, got two big passion projects off the ground - the Kimolian Academy and Anthea Retreats - and feel energised and inspired again. If your gut feeling is telling you to do it, don't hesitate!"


Eleni Lialiamou. VP, Digital Products.

Presence Power Possibility is a 6 month transformational coaching experience for six high performers and visionaries

PPP is a rare transformational opportunity that will help you break through what's holding you back on a deeper level from fully embodying the powerful force that you know you are.

The group will become your personal board of advisors and you will be part of theirs, as you journey into your greatest personal and professional adventure yet.

I will be your guide supporting and challenging you at the tender points where you feel you've hit your edge and can go no further. Why? Because you can. ​


How do I know that? Because I've been there and I've made it my speciality to help brilliant, empathic minds like yours - especially women - to fulfil the deepest potential in work and life.

You'll uncover or amplify a powerful vision and sense of purpose.


You'll benefit from my extensive training and experience in medicine, social psychology, coaching and deep mindfulness as well as my lifelong commitment to personal development.

Are you ready to address your limiting beliefs and create your future, with more clarity, ease, and flow? Then this group process is for you.

Over the course of 6 months you'll experience what's it's like to be challenged and supported to dig deeper than you ever have before, break free of fears and anxieties and do things you never thought possible!


My time in the Presence Power Possibility group has been nothing short of life-changing - I would highly recommend it. At the time of starting it, I was at a low point in my life, with so many challenges and transitions (a toddler, new job, COVID) that had knocked my confidence and creativity. I joined with some specific skills I wanted to achieve and quickly found so much more - purpose, vision and most importantly, joy. Amina is a phenomenal coach, and can do it all. She selected a wonderful group, and supported, counselled and guided us throughout the sessions. At one point she took me through the HAPI process in a one-to-one session and I felt like I'd managed to bypass 10 years of therapy!

- Dr Olaa Mohamed-Ahmed, Consultant in Public Health.

What you'll accomplish in our 6 months together:

  • Develop a new relationship to uncertainty, cultivate deep contentment no matter what, so that you can enjoy the present moment while setting yourself up to create your best future

  • Identify and address core limiting beliefs that keep holding you back so that you can break through to a profound level of confidence and creativity

  • Manage your energy sustainably even during times of high uncertainty and develop simple practical strategies and harness opportunities that come with times of change

  • Embody powerful presence in your communication that is neither forceful nor self-effacing, make bold requests, negotiate and manage conflict effectively

  • Play a bigger game to create your future with joy, flow, and ease and fulfil your mission in life because the world needs your own, very special brand of genius!

How the live 6 month group coaching programme works: 


PPP is a creativity incubator and gentle accelerator to help you step away from the past, break through limiting beliefs and step into your powerful vision. You'll feel guided week-to-week into an increasingly deep sense of alignment and start taking bold steps and creating a new impact you hadn't thought possible.

The select group of highly experienced professionals and leaders in their field will act as your personal board of trusted advisors on your journey as you will for them.

You show up willing to slow down to speed up and the process will do the rest.


You'll have:

  • 2 hour calls with me every two weeks including my best insights on careers transformation, leadership and being present, powerful and possibility-filled (these will be on Wednesdays around 7pm UK)

  • Direct coaching + Q&A + crowdsourcing in small groups

  • Monthly 1:1 check ins with me if needed to make sure you're on track.

  • Opportunity to connect and grow with other high calibre, heart-centred professionals and leaders

  • Peer-advisory between the main calls to share wins and challenges, explore ideas and support accountability.

+ You'll also get a powerful private 1:1 Clarify Your Vision session with me to help you tune into the powerful motivation of your bigger vision. This alone has been life transforming for many. 

+ Early investor kick off call on April 21st at 7.15pm UK to start connecting with others and aligning with your vision.

 The sooner you sign up the more time you have to integrate the deep insights you'll be experiencing and taking inspired action toward an exciting new phase in your life and career.

Do you want to expand your self-awareness and challenge yourself with the support of a powerful group of likeminded professionals? Complete this questionnaire and arrange an exploratory call with Amina. (Spaces are limited to a maximum of 6 people)


I honestly experienced the best ten minutes of self-inquiry of my life during a pair exercise questioning limiting beliefs. After getting to the root of a belief I held about myself, some deep-seated feelings of anxiety I was holding on to simply vanished. This made solving the challenges I had in the weeks to come so much easier.

Amina helped me reconnect to a deeper sense of self that I had lost touch with as I went through a number of ups and downs, and challenges in my work and career. Amina guides, doesn’t push. Her method works precisely because it’s not about tips and tricks or rigid goal-setting.

- Alicia. Investment banker-turned- doctoral researcher.

The best investments are property and personal development

What you get by joining:

  • Coaching valued at £5000 (changing your career and life trajectory = priceless!)

  • A curated and facilitated mastermind 

  • The mental health benefits of a great retreat 

  • Private monthly check in

  • Private 1:1 Clarity Session 

Ready to accelerate your personal development and step onto your new, deeply aligned life trajectory?


Trust your intuition. If you're drawn to this programme, go for it. Amina is highly competent, very professional, and able to create a unique space. I am very experienced in working with coaches and am trained as one myself - and I have seldomly experienced such respectful and effective work.

-Claudia, Organisational Specialist and Coach, HSBC

Woman on Bridge

I would highly recommend the group to anyone who is looking for a deeper, more mindful approach to personal development and coaching. I feel that what makes PPP and Amina unique is her mindful way of simultaneously helping one create space and challenge oneself; holding the paradox of different truths and allowing them to exist and be explored simultaneously. The focus is on insights and inspired action, rather than on a more traditional goal driven action plan. I am starting to let go of my fear-paralysis and the need to problem-solve or go into thinking mode to overcome my fear/s. I am definitely embracing more guilt-free self-care, space and fun. Most importantly, I feel so much more present and aware.

Louanne, Finance Director

and Founder of We Beach Better.


Every call, we'll explore one of the six key themes of transformation:

ONE: Relax, balance energy, and find your ground so that you emanate powerful presence

TWO: Reflect and articulate your deeper "why"  so that your limiting beliefs start to pale in comparison to how inspired you feel

THREE: Release limiting beliefs around what's possible, assertiveness and confidence because that's the difference between playing small and playing big

FOUR: Reconnect with your inner-genius, power, and sense of infinite possibilities, so that you stay inspired and inspire others. Refine your values, vision and mission


FIVE: Respond to challenges and take inspired action to create your future with smart and simple strategies, from a place of clarity, ease, and flow because any other way is unsustainable and less effective


SIX: Receive and celebrate the rewards of your commitment so that you consolidate your new mindset and grow more confident in your new way of being, living and working.


There was a special kind of energy in the group with Amina which I can’t put my finger on, but it was like magic. I left feeling powerful and inspired.


- Dr Nav, Leaders Circle participant

Frequently Asked Questions

When do we start and how often do we meet?

We start officially on May 12th and then every two weeks (May 26th; June 9th; June 23rd; July 7th; and July 21st.

How many people will be in the group?

A maximum of 6 participants.

Will I get 1:1 coaching too?

You'll get a chance for direct coaching in the group calls. You also have access to monthly 1:1 check ins with me if needed. If you sign up before the May 5th, you'll also get a powerful 60minute Clarity Session with me.

If I miss a group call, will I be able to catch up?

Yes, you’ll have access to recordings and you can have any questions answered in between calls by email. You'll have direct contact with me throughout the programme. I've got your back! 

How much time will I need outside the set calls?

You get what you put in. Change requires an investment of time and energy. You'll need 15-30 minutes a day of reflection time (e.g. through journalling or meditation). Taking time to participate in the group between calls will pay off exponentially.

What do I need to know in advance and do I need previous coaching experience?

Previous experience in personal development or mindfulness is helpful but all you need is to be open to new experiences and ways of looking at things.

Will there be a lot of homework?

This isn't about doing more but being more deeply as well as small, bold but fun experiments outside your comfort zone. Any coaching assignments will be based on what comes out of the conversations we have and that you choose to take on.

Can I reclaim the fee from my company?

Other members have put this towards their career development and leadership training.


Group coaching works much better than I expected. Amina's approach, tools and presence allow for amazing things to happen. She helped me with one of the biggest decisions in my life - to leave my current job and pursue an entirely new career path!!! In the group, I also observed other people's transformations right in front of my very skeptical eyes. They moved from feeling frustrated and self-deprecating to pursuing their wishes/ideas/longings with a fresh sense of empowerment in a matter of minutes. Amina is a brilliant coach that I would recommend her to anyone stuck in a rut or wondering about next career steps!

- Muna, Product specialist on a new adventure.

Amina has been invaluable to my personal and career growth, especially during a transitional period in which I was exploring a new professional route. Despite Amina not having experience in my industry, she was able to offer sound, grounded advice to assist me in envisioning a realistic and fulfilling future. I couldn't have taken these progressive steps without Amina, encouraging me to pave my way. I am so grateful for the courage she helped me find to rely on my worth (and heart) that I bring to all of my endeavors. 

-ZS, Engineer and World Bank Consultant, San Francisco Bay Area


"In a short space of time Amina has helped improve personal ability to air difficult opinions and provide feedback- improving my perception of ‘control’ at work. I increased in confidence. My initial barrier to starting coaching was hubris: I wasn't sure whether anyone would be able to empathise with my context. I was also embarrassed to ask for help. However, Amina’s ability to create a safe space and give clear/ direct feedback to my own thoughts has been hugely positive for me.

Amina’s coaching is a marriage of experience, empathy and pragmatism." 


- Arup, Deputy Chief Medical Officer, AXA PPP healthcare, UK


Hi, I'm Amina













Over a 15+ year career as a doctor, scientist and population health specialist, I’ve worked in hospitals, a war zone, a pandemic and with the United Nations. Since 2016, I've run my own coaching and consulting business and spent 1000+ hours working with talented professionals who want to create an inspiring career and life with more confidence and ease. If you want to learn what I know, avoid the mistakes I made, and you're committed to growing your impact sustainably, this is the coaching process for you.


This is a unique and expansive 6 month journey to help you dive deep and embrace your extraordinary possibilities and make your authentic impact in the world.

(Spaces are limited to keep the group small and intimate)

Ready to start a deeper transformational journey and make your true impact in the world? Complete this questionnaire and arrange an exploratory call with Amina.


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