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  • Amina Aitsi-Selmi

Lean Back and nurture your health [Wise Wednesdays]

“Lean in”, they said. And women all over the world worked even harder.

It helped to some extent. But if you’re overstimulated, overactive or overwhelmed, “leaning in” may just tip you over the edge. It may be time to Lean Back. You see, overstimulation overloads our nervous system and affects our health (sleep, metabolism/weight, immunity and so on – not to mention mental health and relationships). Your nervous system must be “Lean” to manifest your vision without sacrificing your health. Stay out of overwhelm by leaning back and keeping your inner- and outer-world Lean (i.e. free of overload). Here’s a LEAN menu. Choose 2 or 3 items that feel delicious to you as a Leaning Back practice. 1) LEAN BACK – APPETIZER: Regulate your nervous system for clarity and flow and keep a Lean inner-world. · Meditation – a few minutes a day will work · Mindful movement (preferably in nature) · Physiological resets like breathwork (my friend Aurore offers powerful sessions in Bali) · Flow activators: music, dance, storytelling, ­reflective writing, creative expression · Support: from your coach, community, ecosystem

2) LEAN BACK – MAIN COURSE: Stop spinning plates and drop PLATOS! Take powerful action with compassionate ruthlessness to keep a Lean environment. You can reduce the intensity of your engagement with things that are no longer aligned for you. This can include leaning back from misaligned: · People and relationships · Locations and environments · Actions and habits · Timings and schedules · Objects and tech · Stuff you put in your mouth, body or mind. Spend 15 minutes reviewing these alone or with someone you trust. Then, take compassionate action immediately. One of my clients who is a doctor with a team of 80 used the Lean Back menu to replenish her energy which empowered her team and gave her space to expand a big passion project. At The Sanctuary, we start the journey with “Relax”. Why? Because most of us are leaning in too far and need a radical reset before committing to our secret dreams… Lean Back and keep your world Lean. (Yes, you may end up with a Zen mind, a minimalist aesthetic and a happy sense of flow.) Have a great week, Amina



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