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Follow your passion. Build a career.

Live a mission. Be rewarded.

Have impact.

The agreement


We will work  to understand your strengths, values and desires


I will challenge you to go beyond your limitations and think outside the box. We will work to develop new ways for you to perform as a leader at work and in your key relationships


Our journey together may include one or more of: transforming stress, navigating career and life transitions, improving relationships, growing your network as a global leader, identifying and bidding for projects with a high impact in health and sustainability and taking action from your zone of genius


We will develop a personal strategy to measure progress


The method


My coaching is based on two decades of training in pattern recognition, problem-solving, challenging the status quo, efficiency and a fierce commitment to serving my clients.


It integrates the effectiveness of Strategic Intervention coaching 

(developed by Tony Robbins who is one of the best peak performance coaches in the world) with my knowledge of global trends (in health and sustainability) and working across organisations in different sectors and at all levels including intergovernmental level. 


You will experience high end, tailor-made coaching of the highest quality and integrity


We can have sessions fully in English or French; or partially

in Arabic or Spanish. Our sessions can be in person

or by video call (like Skype) depending on where

you are located. 


We will work together on a 3-12 month basis 






Speak soon!




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