I have a passion for life, people and self-knowledge

  • I am committed to my own personal development. I have used coaching for myself and coached others for a number of years

  • I have navigated a highly competitive career as a doctor in the UK (more about my career here)

  • I have devoted my work to understanding and supporting human wellbeing

  • I have a sensitive understanding of the challenges of significant life transition, career transition and cultural adaptation

  • I know what it takes to succeed against the odds and perform under pressure

  • I know what it means to lead from true power 

  • I know what it means to face the fear and have fun with it

  • I am a graduate of the Robbins-Madanes school of coaching co-founded by Tony Robbins

  • I continually update my coaching practice to deliver the most effective service

  • I speak English, French, Arabic and intermediate level Spanish

  • I believe we are here to share a message and are responsible for following our unique path



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Strategic Intervention coaching is high impact coaching that gets to the core of a problem quickly. It applies strategic, practical psychology to achieve rapid and sustainable change for you, your relationships and your life. The coaching sessions will include building up skills and practices to ensure that positive change lasts even in the face of challenges


It's OK to have a bit of fun