Achievement without fulfilment is not success. - Tony Robbins


High achievers often face the dilemma of succeeding on the hamster wheel of life at the expense of a sense of peace, happiness and connection. They have the opportunity to win the but may lose happiness in the process. That's the high achiever paradox. Eventually, they figure out that a different approach, a different way of being is needed to get to the next stage of their greatest contribution and life. New year’s resolutions can be a source of added pressure but there is another way of moving into 2020!


You might believe that to achieve goals you need to effort and struggle. But what if results came from alignment with your deeper potential, vision and values? What if taking action this way anchored you into inspiration rather than struggle? This is how we’ll prepare for 2020 at the Leaders Circle.



​A small (6-12) group transformational coaching experience for the established and emerging leaders who want to make a real difference.


A sense of constant urgency, overwhelm and chronic anxiety can become a regular experience. The high pressure, high performance environments in their organisations can reinforce this.

Is it possible to uncover true power, freedom and success?

I know it is. If you’re willing to go beyond repetitive thinking and tap into something deeper within.

A small group coaching experience is the perfect place to explore this in a fun and engaging way with likeminded others.


Join me and a small group of high achievers at the sumptuous Harley Street to explore other ways of succeeding. Through powerful coaching tools, uncover the root causes of confusion and optimise your decision making going forward.

 I’ll share the powerful Transformational Process I’ve learned from navigating the path from hospital doctor to UN technical advisor and independent professional. I’ve used it to help other high achievers find their way to a kinder and saner way of being, working and succeeding in their careers and lives.


If you're reading this, you're probably great at research and figuring things out on your own intellectual firepower. Group coaching has the added power of giving you many more perspectives to consider, so you can leave with many more profound insights and answers that in individual coaching or working things out alone.

During this event you’ll:

  • ​uncover the habits of thinking that get in the way of your true success and happiness

  • break the assumptions that keep you trapped in struggle mode

  • remove the barriers between you and your natural genius and find solutions more easily

  • Tap into a deeper level of inspiration for your career and life in 2020


As you open up to shifts in perspective, you'll leave with clarity on your next steps in work and life and leave feeling energised and inspired.



  • Individuals with a professional track record sensing it is time for a change but unsure what

  • ​Service-driven individuals who want to make a difference without burning out

  • ​Anyone with an open mind willing to question their limiting assumptions



  • Individuals with no experience of personal development or self-awareness work (e.g. coaching, meditation, journaling, etc.)


​"It was incredibly powerful and enlightening." Ms Jo - Surgeon and Fulbright Scholar.

​“It was a hugely supportive and positive experience.” Dr E - NHS Consultant Ophthalmologist.

​"It was really useful to share the experiences with each other and to have time to work through what it would look like to use the strategies we discussed." Dr Matt. Physician and Associate Professor in Global Public Health.


Dr Amina Aitsi-Selmi is a Transformational Coach and Consultant

specialised in careers and leadership. Her clients are high performing

professionals including doctors, lawyers, scientists and organisational

leaders who feel stuck and want to find direction again in their careers

and lives.