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2020 has invited us to dance in the unknown...

A year ago, around this time I was getting off a plane back from India, after a spiritual retreat.

Diving deeper into my Self-awareness was the most timely "anxiety vaccine" for the pandemic! 2020 has been an opportunity for what mystics might call: falling upward...

Career and leadership advice often deals with concepts, strategies and tactics rather than cultivating deeper self-awareness that empowers you to find your own answers.

But the most powerful coaching challenges your thinking rather than feeding it.

Join me for this 90min Leaders Circle on how to embrace ambiguity to flourish in your career and life.

During this interactive webinar you'll:

1) Learn why embracing uncertainty and ambiguity is so important in your career whether you're an entrepreneur or work in an organisation

2) Identify limiting beliefs that hold you back from embracing new opportunities in your career.

3) Design a morning power practice and leave feeling energised and inspired.

You'll also get to connect with like-minded professionals and leaders and learn from them.


You'll also get to connect with like-minded professionals and learn from them during breakout time.

You’ll feel inspired and energised to have simple steps tailored to your situation combining practical strategy with powerful coaching tools to help you create the career and life you want even amid uncertainty.

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There was a special kind of energy in the group with Amina which I can’t put my finger on, but it was like magic. I left feeling powerful and inspired.


- Dr Paul, specialist doctor.

What past participants in the Leaders Circle have said

It was incredibly powerful and enlightening. - Ms Jo - Surgeon and Fulbright Scholar.

​It was a hugely supportive and positive experience. - Dr E, NHS Consultant Ophthalmologist and National Excellence Award recipient.

​It was really useful to share the experiences with each other and to have time to work through what it would look like to use the strategies we discussed. - Dr Matt, Physician and Associate Professor in Global Public Health.




What is the Leaders Circle

​A small group transformational coaching experience for established and emerging leaders who want to make a real difference.

Why is it helpful?

The most critical leadership skills are not taught widely in mainstream organisational training. Engaging in deep personal development can feel impossible. The Leaders Circle offers a safe and insight-generating  place to explore relevant leadership challenges in an engaging way with like-minded professionals. Participants discover ways of succeeding authentically, uncover the root causes of what holds them back and optimise their decision making.


How does it work

I share the most powerful transformational tools and processes I’ve learned on my path from hospital doctor to UN advisor and, eventually, independent professional and that have helped other high achievers find their way to a kinder and saner way of being, working and succeeding in their careers and lives on their own terms. By being in a transformational space, you start to generate your own insights, see new possibilities and feel clear about concrete steps forward.

Why come?

If you're reading this, you're probably great at research and figuring things out on your own intellectual firepower. Group coaching has the added power of giving you many more perspectives to consider, so you can leave with many more profound insights and answers than from working things out alone. It catalyses your process of change.


Who it's for

Individuals with a professional track record sensing something else is possible.

Service-driven individuals who want to make a difference without burning out.

​Anyone with an open mind willing to question their limiting assumptions.

All visionary empaths who are service driven (not just doctors).


Who it's not for

Individuals who are not interested in the deeper work or who have no interest in personal development or self-awareness work. Previous experience e.g. through coaching, therapy, meditation, journaling is helpful but not essential.


I honestly experienced the best ten minutes of self-inquiry of my life during a pair exercise questioning limiting beliefs. After getting to the root of a belief I held about myself, some deep-seated feelings of anxiety I was holding on to simply vanished. This made solving the challenges I had in the weeks to come so much easier.

- Alicia. Ex-banker.

Hi, I'm Amina

Amina LinkedIn.jpg

Over a 15+ year career as a doctor, scientist and population health specialist, I’ve worked in hospitals, a war zone, a pandemic and with the United Nations. Since 2016, I've run my own coaching and consulting business and spent 1000+ hours working with talented professionals who want to create an inspiring career and life with more confidence and ease. If you want to learn what I know, avoid the mistakes I made, and you're committed to growing your impact sustainably, join me for the Leaders Circle


Will you join the Leaders Circle and start creating more freedom in your career?

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