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Are you a high achieving professional or leader in a service focused role? Are you a visionary empath at heart?


You’ve probably done things most people can only admire.  You understand things to a depth others can't and are an asset to your team. And yet… something is missing and you might be feeling stuck. Perhaps you work too hard and are blind to your zone of genius. You're here because you're ready for more freedom, creativity and purpose. You want to grow but hate wasting time on ineffective methods.

I work with people who are ready to transform their careers and lives by going deeper than they've gone before into their self-understanding. They're ready to break out of their core limiting beliefs and re-ignite their natural creativity and power.


The lens through which you see yourself, others and the world determines how you create your world.

It sucks to feel lost and confused (I've been there) especially if you know how much you're capable of when you have clarity and direction. While you may be tempted to do more research, work harder or figure it out yourself, the truth is that it might be time to slow down and allow someone to guide you on your path of transformation.

If you’re looking for cosmetic changes to life, transformational coaching probably is not for you.


If you’re very uncomfortable with risk and trying new things, you may find it tough. A little courage will take you much further than a lot of planning. Action trumps perfection. Confidence is not a requirement for action, it's a result of small courageous steps.

You’ll need to commit a minimum of 3 to 12 months and see this as a life changing investment of your time, energy and money.

We meet an hour every two weeks and you have continuous access to me by email and phone.

Your investment for one-to-one support ranges from £2900 to £5700 for three to six months respectively. If you're interested in a one-off coaching intensive day, get in touch. You might also consider joining the next round of Presence Power Possibility group coaching programme.

A meditation practice or an understanding of mindfulness is helpful but not essential. We can work on the right power routine for you together.

(R)Evolutionary coaching combines science and wisdom blending deep enquiry, mindfulness, body-based practices and high performance psychology into the most powerful coaching tools available to you today.

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Want to explore what it might look like to work together?

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