Lockdown Mindset: Responding Flexibly to the Emerging Realities

FREE 90 minute webinar with Aidan Kearney and Amina Aitsi-Selmi


Have you been ready for a big shift in life and feel like this pandemic is actually an opportunity?... Well, there's no shame in that. The pandemic has totally disrupted the routine and daily firefighting that normally get in the way. So now is the chance to really take the bull by the horns and realign on several fronts.

(And if you’re one of those people who isn’t feeling much panic and is watching from the side lines of your grounded self-awareness and quiet home-working arrangements, you have a key role to play in holding space for others who are having to go through this massive shift!)

In this webinar, Aidan Kearney and I share insights on:

-      The key reason you should up your self-care practices at this time and not drop it.
-      The neuroscience and psychology behind panic buying and mass group behaviour and informational bias.
-      A range of tools for balancing detached perplexity and overwhelming anxiety and staying connected to your ability to respond to the rapidly changing situation
-      The number 1 focus to channel your energy productively during lockdown.
-      3 ways to use the pandemic to cultivate the entrepreneur mindset and come out as a more independent professional on the other side of lockdown.


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