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As you enter the second cycle of life, you may start to feel like you've been jumping through hoops and ticking boxes that don't bring you as much fulfilment as you'd thought. You may be starting to feel that time is running out and that you want to feel happier now, not in several years when you've jumped through a few more hoops. Your values may be changing from a focus on significance and achievement to connection, family, community and love. You're wondering whether it's possible to combine the two and do them both justice, perhaps with the right career and work arrangements.

Transformational coaching can help you figure out:

- whether you are in the right career or job

- how to take steps towards a better career situation

- whether and how you can balance your multiple interests and obligations

- strategies to improve things immediately 

- strategies to create and implement a more inspiring longterm vision that matches your values

- the answer to deeper questions and practical, personalised tools

"Amina supported me through a particularly challenging period in my career and provided me with the tools to gain clarity on what I was going through and make tough decisions as I change career direction.  I feel like a different, more confident, person to the one who started this process 3 or 4 months ago." Jo Wiltcher, Museum Director.

Transformational Coaching can create a change of perception in an instant that changes their lives. Most people take a while to build up to that instant and then to implement the actions resulting from that instant and opt for a six to twelve month coaching commitment process.


The best way to work out what would suit your needs (what intensity and style of coaching) is to start with an exploratory consultation.


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 - Two hour intensive session + one hour follow up session.

For you if:

- you're unsure what you need but feel you'd benefit from a sounding board and a little shift in perspective to help you get clear and put a simple strategy in place to move forward

- you need a little support around an interview (or other event) and want to get in the right mindset and polish up your communication, presentation and impact

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OPTION1: Three months [ Breakthrough ]: - Make progress on a short term project and start to address limited ways of thinking to be more effective.

OPTION 2: Six months [ Performance ]: - Start to build the next phase of your career and life by focusing on one area and get a handle on core mindsets (including imposter syndrome / feeling not enough) that have held you back for a long time.

OPTION 3: Twelve months [ Mastery ]: - Begin to see how the cycles of creation and performance work; deepen your self - knowledge; and consolidate your new skills to apply them across work and personal life.


- A 60 minute full session every two weeks

- Short call between sessions as necessary

- Email support at any time

- Monday Check In

- Individualised assignments and accountability

- [Wise Wednesdays weekly article]

For you if:

- you're ready to step out of your comfort zone and into your greater, creative potential in work and life

- are prepared to prioritise and let go of unnecessary activity/procrastination

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The programmes range from £2,100 to £10,000 depending on duration, frequency and intensity.