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Date: 12th of December at 6pm UK / 10am PST / 1pm EST

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“I don’t like selling myself!” is a common feeling among professionals.

You may have been advised to show more leadership or put under pressure to take on values you don’t feel comfortable with at work. Perhaps you see others present their work confidently and get more opportunities. Sometimes they may take credit for yours.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

Join this webinar on how you can grow your influence, affluence and impact without feeling you're compromising your integrity.  

I’ll share what I’ve learned working in international policy as well as developing a sustainable business with integrity:

  • The two main reasons we dislike self promotion/marketing/selling

  • How to shift mindset so you’re not a shrinking violent nor a trumpet blower 

  • Practical ways to talk about your achievements without feeling you’re bragging or overdoing it.
















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This is an interactive event in which you gain as much as you give. The main requirement is to slow down to play with the ideas to apply them to your own situation.

You’ll also find out how other service-driven, high achievers like you have overcome the challenges you’re facing and see how they are coached to find their own solutions.

WHAT OTHERS HAVE SAID: (unsolicited feedback from past webinar participants) 

"Free, short, clearly defined, did what it said on the tin" David

"Thanks. It was really useful to share the experiences with each other and to have time to work through what it would look like to use the strategies we discussed." Matt

“Absolutely Brilliant!” Anne


Format: Small group coaching 60 minute webinar facilitated by me, by Dr Amina Aitsi-Selmi MD PhD

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