In my 30s, I started to notice that despite my successes, something was missing. I wasn't sure if it was because I was too focused on my career or something else. I felt off course... After a lot of self-searching and deep coaching, I realised that I was in a kind of Success Trap (the theme addressed often in my Wise Wednesdays newsletter as well as a book I'm writing). I'd somehow fallen into living according to external standards and playing it safe...In fact, I almost gave up on my dream of working on international health because the safest jobs were in the UK...It was in a cabin in Alaska that I realised that I needed to trust myself first and foremost...

From that moment, I made a series of decisions to honour my intuition and what felt right to me. It was scary at times and some (many) didn't approve because of the risks involved (both professionally and financially). Looking back, I can see that the realisation of my dream and having the opportunity to work with the United Nations and World Health Organisation on global health policy was not a coincidence or just the result of hard work. It was the result of having the courage to follow my path with the support of those who believed in me. Incidentally, I also ended up on the equivalent of the six figure salary.

Our deepest dreams are often hatched early in life. At 17 years old, I wanted to become a doctor. I graduated from Cambridge University having discovered a passion for public health and a vision of working with the WHO. Step by step, I developed as an international health expert working in the UK, Switzerland and South Sudan. I also completed a Master's in Public Health and a PhD on obesity among women in low- and middle-income countries. I was getting closer and closer...


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