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Transformational Coaching and Consulting

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I don't fit neatly into a box and I work with high performers who think outside the box but may be getting in the way of their own greatness and happiness. They reach out to me when they're ready to break out of self-imposed traps and take the big leap into the next level of performance, impact, influence and affluence that's sustainable and inspiring.

Transformational Coaching is an inside job and highly personalised to your circumstances. Flavours of coaching you can try:



Need to get a things done and find yourself procrastinating? We’ll get you organised and handle fears around failure and success that might be creeping in and sabotaging your progress. We’ll make sure you’re delivering to your highest capability.


Feeling overwhelmed and no time to breathe, let alone think? We will slow down to see where you’re losing energy, repair boundaries and make sure you’ve got time to fit in all the things that matter to you while putting a spring back in your step.


Feeling stuck or unsure about your next steps in work or life but can’t see what else might be possible for you? We’ll explore what’s lying behind the brain fog, and uncover the secret dream waiting to be realised. You’ll get back into action and feel inspired again.


Are you called to make a bigger impact? It can be lonely at the top. We’ll uncover your unique mission, authentic leadership style and amplify it through enhancing self-mastery, communication and presence. You’ll feel more at ease with your responsibilities and start seeing shifts in your interactions, towards greater connection and quality of impact.


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